CryptoKitties and Facebook’s Libra form an alliance

CrypoKitties and Libra have combined forces to work on an "open source collaboration" to develop a better blockchain that is developer-friendly.

To make it easier for the developers to build and test programs, Dapper Labs (CryptoKitties) has launched an all-new platform called “Flow Playground.” Through this, testers and developers can run their programs efficiently. 

Now, the joint forces of Libra and Dapper Labs will incorporate Cadence, a programming language, into their very own style called Move Virtual Machine, which will benefit the developers and even make it easier to create blockchains.

During an interview, the CEO of Dapper Labs mentioned that at least 550 projects had been created through the Playground with over 1,000 developers. 


Further information on the joint project

Despite the combining of forces, the CEO of Dapper Labs pointed out that Libra is primarily a finance or payment processor group, while Flow Playground is currently working on creating unique and essential digital assets like Crypto collectibles. But, Libra and Flow may never try to build assets or smart contracts together. Libra even stated that they would not use smart contracts in the launch or anytime soon. 

As for the compatibility of Flow, that is, to make Flow inter-operable with other blockchains like Bitcoin or Altcoins, unfortunately, is not happening anytime soon as Dapper Labs is not working on connecting these links. The CEO mentioned that Flow is just a general-purpose blockchain. 

Despite this, Dapper Labs (1) are planning to infuse this and create new digital assets related to gaming and technology.

This is done because gaming and entertainment will be the pathway to understand what the consumer wants, and this is very important. 


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