Cryptocurrency trader escapes death after being kidnapped and tortured

Andrew, a cryptocurrency trader who resides in Lanseria, South Africa hardly escaped death after he was allegedly kidnapped, drugged and tortured by a group of people who called him up for a cryptocurrency presentation.


How it all started

According to Soweto Urban, a local news publication in South Africa, Andrew was in talks with a new contact on Facebook (Social Media Platform) through which the contact had called him to a residence in Natui Street, Meadowlands Zone Five for conducting a presentation on cryptocurrency. As he entered the residence, he was snuck up by an unknown person from behind and drugged with a cloth soaked with sleeping drug due to which he fell unconscious.
Once he was conscious again he saw himself sitting in a different location where he was surrounded by 3 men and 2 women who allegedly stripped his clothes off, started beating and torturing him while demanding his bank account details and his bitcoin wallet’s password.

Andrew made numerous efforts to not provide his wallet password by tolerating the torture but could not hold on for too long as the kidnappers threatened of killing him with a hot iron rod. At the end had to transfer around 800,000 South African Rand (around $58500) worth of bitcoin to the BTC address of the kidnappers along with a transfer of 100,000 South African Rand (around $7300) to kidnapper’s bank account. Along with the bitcoin and bank transfer, the kidnappers also took the two iPhones Andrew was carrying with himself and around 3,000 South African Rand (around $220) in cash.

After taking away Andrew’s money, the kidnappers blindfolded him and threw him on Kliprivier Road. He was later rushed to the Alberton Union Hospital by the police and is currently being treated for burns and wounds all over his body. The local police are now on the convict’s search operation.



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