Cryptocurrency Market: Bitcoin, BCH, LTC, TRX, XLM Price Analysis

Key Points:

  • The cryptocurrency market capitalization experienced a surge over the $180 Billion mark.
  • Bitcoin price experienced a bull run above the $6000 resistance level and even broke above the $6050 level.
  • Litecoin price followed BTC and surged to over $75 resistance level and moving towards $80.
  • Bitcoin Cash is also surging and might soon test the $300 resistance level.
  • TRON price broke above the major resistance around $0.0242.
  • Stellar price has not experienced a massive surge however, it is slowly gaining pace below the $0.1000 resistance level.


SUMMARY: Along with the price of bitcoin, other top cryptocurrencies also surged yesterday with Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple. Bitcoin Cash, TRON and Stellar all trading in positive momentum. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization also surged and broke above the $180 billion range.


Litecoin Price Analysis

Litecoin price corrected downwards recently, however, it found decent support around $70 from where LTC started an upward recovery. The buyers pushed the price above $75 resistance level. Currently, Litecoin is trading well above the $75 level which has now turned into support. LTC might soon test the $80 resistance level in order to move towards $84 and $90 levels.


Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis:

Bitcoin Cash corrected towards and tested the $275 support level recently where buyers emerged and pushed the price upwards. After the price of bitcoin surged yesterday, Bitcoin Cash also experienced a similar surge and the price of BCH moved above the $285 and $290 resistance levels. The current resistance for BCH lies around $295 and $300 above which it might move towards $310 and $320 levels.


TRON Price Analysis:

TRON price recovered nicely against USD and moved above the $0.0240 resistance level. The buyers were able to push the price above the $0.0245 levels before the price started to correct downwards. Currently, the overall momentum seems positive as TRX is placed nicely above $0.0242 support level and might soon retest the $0.0245 resistance level.


Stellar Price Analysis:

Stellar is also gaining momentum and slowly moving towards the $0.1000 resistance level. Currently trading around $0.0950, the initial resistance lies around $0.0965 above which it might test the $0.1000 level soon.


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