Crypto Updates: G20 Cryptocurrency Tax, TRON and Sirin Labs

G20 countries discussing Cross Border Cryptocurrency Taxation

Recently a cross-border taxation system for cryptocurrency was proposed in the G20 Buenos Aires summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina which happened on 30th Nov to 1st Dec this year. Still, in the most nascent stages in its development, this will represent a strong shift and focus of the world’s biggest economies on to cryptocurrency, particularly cryptocurrency cross-border payments.

The biggest economies in the world are talking about cryptocurrency at the highest level of government as this issue was a key focus of the meeting. The proposal will be further discussed in the next G20 meeting.


TRON announces Gaming Fund worth $100 Million

TRON has announced a $100 million blockchain gaming fund being dubbed as ‘TRON ARCADE’. The fund aimed at giving developers the tools and the money that they need to build on top of TRON. This money will be spent over the next 3 years. The gaming market is really seen by the TRON team as a crucial element of their future success.


TRON to implement ZCash SNARK technology early Next Year

The team at TRON announced earlier this week that TRON is going to implement ZCash SNARK technology early next year. This will allow of course for private transactions on the TRON Blockchain. The official date hasn’t been announced yet but will be added in the updated roadmap which is promised to be released by the end of the year.

The tough reality right now for Vitalik Buterin is that TRON is scaling. Justin Sun is publically calling for more projects to leave ethereum and to move over to TRON. The pressure has never been greater for Ethereum than it is right now to scale and do it quickly.


Sirin Labs has delivered their blockchain phone called ‘Finny’.

Sirin Labs has received big brand endorsements from Leo Messi in the past which helped propel Sirin Labs really into a major spotlight. The phone costs around $1000 and includes a built-in hardware wallet as well as a decentralized exchange for bitcoin, ethereum, and Sirin Labs tokens. The phone will feature AI driven cybersecurity plus a built-in decentralized application store. The phone is built as a one-stop shop for blockchain. Basically intended on making it super easy to onboard new blockchain users.

Is it a little too late for Sirin Labs considering that Pundi X is releasing a phone in a very near future, HTC is also launching a blockchain phone very soon. This is without taking into consideration the serious power of Samsung and Apple in the market and of convincing people that a blockchain phone is necessary and will improve their lives. That is going to be a challenge from taking this from really a very niche market idea to the mainstream. If Sirin labs can get the marketing right, if they can reach the right audience, it could be big. Will you buy the Finny? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.