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Crypto Updates: G20 Cryptocurrency Tax, TRON and Sirin Labs



Cross-border tax system for cryptocurrency was proposed in the G20 summit, TRON announced a $100 million gaming fund, Sirin Labs blockchain phone 'Finny'.

G20 countries discussing Cross Border Cryptocurrency Taxation

Recently a cross-border taxation system for cryptocurrency was proposed in the G20 Buenos Aires summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina which happened on 30th Nov to 1st Dec this year. Still, in the most nascent stages in its development, this will represent a strong shift and focus of the world’s biggest economies on to cryptocurrency, particularly cryptocurrency cross-border payments.

The biggest economies in the world are talking about cryptocurrency at the highest level of government as this issue was a key focus of the meeting. The proposal will be further discussed in the next G20 meeting.


TRON announces Gaming Fund worth $100 Million

TRON has announced a $100 million blockchain gaming fund being dubbed as ‘TRON ARCADE’. The fund aimed at giving developers the tools and the money that they need to build on top of TRON. This money will be spent over the next 3 years. The gaming market is really seen by the TRON team as a crucial element of their future success.


TRON to implement ZCash SNARK technology early Next Year

The team at TRON announced earlier this week that TRON is going to implement ZCash SNARK technology early next year. This will allow of course for private transactions on the TRON Blockchain. The official date hasn’t been announced yet but will be added in the updated roadmap which is promised to be released by the end of the year.

The tough reality right now for Vitalik Buterin is that TRON is scaling. Justin Sun is publically calling for more projects to leave ethereum and to move over to TRON. The pressure has never been greater for Ethereum than it is right now to scale and do it quickly.


Sirin Labs has delivered their blockchain phone called ‘Finny’.

Sirin Labs has received big brand endorsements from Leo Messi in the past which helped propel Sirin Labs really into a major spotlight. The phone costs around $1000 and includes a built-in hardware wallet as well as a decentralized exchange for bitcoin, ethereum, and Sirin Labs tokens. The phone will feature AI driven cybersecurity plus a built-in decentralized application store. The phone is built as a one-stop shop for blockchain. Basically intended on making it super easy to onboard new blockchain users.

Is it a little too late for Sirin Labs considering that Pundi X is releasing a phone in a very near future, HTC is also launching a blockchain phone very soon. This is without taking into consideration the serious power of Samsung and Apple in the market and of convincing people that a blockchain phone is necessary and will improve their lives. That is going to be a challenge from taking this from really a very niche market idea to the mainstream. If Sirin labs can get the marketing right, if they can reach the right audience, it could be big. Will you buy the Finny? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Largest Banks Adopting Blockchain Technology



The industry that is taking tremendous interest in Blockchain is the finance sector, especially the banks. They saw it as a competition.

The blockchain technology is prevailing for some years now but has entered the mainstream market in the last two years. As a matter of fact, for the last two years, the head of all sorts of cryptocurrencies has a valuation of $75 million, however, a bit of collapse is observed.

One sector of the industry that is taking tremendous interest in Blockchain is the finance sector, especially the banks. when blockchain surfaced, they saw it as a competition fearing they would automate control over the funds, but now they are warming up to the same technology.


Blockchain Receives Greenlight Among Banks

Banks and their employees have historically remained suspicious of how reliable blockchain technology for an industry like finance. However, that perspective has stirred dramatically in the last year, and they are making themselves familiar with the technology, also they are heavily enthusiastic concerning its possible uses.

Majority of the business administrators announce that blockchain is highly critical to their firm’s progress, and over the next three years, it is going to surpass over many functioning. The 2018 Consensus conference saw the developer and founder of FedEx’s, Frederick W. Smith said that Blockchain has the potential to ultimately transform business beyond boundaries. and edges.  

Large banks are performing substantial investments in varied initiatives including classified ledger technology.


List of some Banks Using Blockchain Technology

Let us have a look at some of the famous and global ranking banks who have bowed down to Blockchain. They are as follows


The adoption of Blockchain will lead to a state where global banking sectors will be able to save more than $ 20 billion by the end of 2022. Santander has the same notion too. It was the first bank in U.K to utilize blockchain for developing international payments service. The devised a technology called One Pay FX which will enable customers to easily transfer money in between the Santander bank accounts in the continents of Europe and South America. Santander further conducted blockchain application for stockholder polling with JPMorgan Chase,  Broadridge, and Northern Trust.



The Hong-Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation has gone for a test before completely adopting the Blockchain technology. They have utilized a soybean shipment as a test for business sales and transaction. With the help of Dutch Bank ING and partnered with the Cargill, one of the foods and agricultural firm. HSBC has further used Blockchain technology and said the work was completed in 24 hours. It was the blockchain consortium R3 that HSBC laid their hands on.


JP Morgan Chase:

It will not be right if we whirled off reports, but JP Morgan Chase has a completely different unit for blockchain called Quorum. They have already tested a new application that can handle financial instruments and phantom-issues an amount of $150, each floating year with enormous deposits on the blockchain technology. Overall, with the help of blockchain, the banks are bestowing infrastructure between the participating factors. The issuers, dealers, investors, administrations, custodians will all be able to notice the golden truth behind the source for a debt instrument. This was the notion of JP Morgan Chase’s welcome to blockchain technology.


The Bank of Ayudhya:

It is Thailand’s 5th largest bank which managed a victorious pilot test last year in May to get the real-time foreign payments in conjunction with MUFG Bank (Japan) and Singapore’s Standard Chartered Bank, the multinational monetary services firm. The test supported a comparable force in which the bank accepted blockchain technology for money transfer among an oil firm in Thailand and its marketing ally in Laos.


China Construction Bank:

It has set out for promoting cross-border loans issuances for modest companies and everything was taken care of by Blockchain. The platform has till date generated over $251 million value of sales and transactions.

According to experienced investors, Blockchain technology can be an excellent way for international transactions. However, banks will not get enough space for charging tax and fees for transactions on foreign exchange in between a serious competitive pressure.

Due to the introduction of blockchain to the financial sector, it has been able to develop bases where banks can simplify and speed up cross-border debts, increasing speculation accuracy, authenticity, and shorter adjustment processes. Intelligent contracts have curated privileges with transaction processing by eliminating the middle man and will be used to develop reliability and remunerations operations.

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12 Best Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Domain Names on


on consists of a list of cryptocurrency & blockchain brand domain names which are literally amazing. We discuss the top 12 domain names.

Brandable domain names play an important role in the success of any online business. It depicts the overall summary and mission of your business. Also, most of the desired brand names are very costly to buy. Hence, it is very difficult to choose a perfect domain name for your business that satisfies the need and mission of the business as well as is easy to afford. Various websites are available which provides these brand names. However, some have some non-innovative names while some have premium name with a very high cost.

If you are looking for innovative and sensing brand names for your crypto business and that too at an affordable price, then is the perfect place for you.


In this article, we will present you the Top 12 domain names you will love to have from If you are in search of an attractive domain name for your business that deals with crypto and bitcoin then seems suitable for you. It has a dot com extension which would help it to raise the rank the webpage. The domain name itself seems relevant to crypto space. It could be for any organization for crypto news, crypto mining website or even a cryptocurrency wallet. It is an excellent brand name for various kind of businesses. It not only can endorse your crypto business rather can be used in other business domains like TV series, News site, Science theories, Dating site, Music and video player etc. Also, dot com would help in ranking in search engine optimization and global ranking of the webpage. You can even use it for a restaurant app or business consultant. This domain name is nothing less than a premier one due to its resemblance with blockchain. If you are planning to search for an excellent domain name for your business which may be a crypto wallet or based on blockchain technology or a crypto exchange, you must go with Apart from the main domain, dot com is also beneficial in the search engine. You can also use it for cryptocurrency block explorer service, blockchain dating app etc. As this domain name already seems to ‘discuss’ the ‘crypto’, you can use this domain name for a website that deals with the crypto latest news. You can also use this handpicked bran domain name if your business is a discussion forum or a chat box related to crypto and bitcoin. Also, it can be used for a crypto blogging site. This domain name is perfect for you if you are looking for an attractive domain for a business that deals with buying and selling of crypto coins. can also be used for a crypto exchange, crypto merchant provider, crypto blogging website. The name itself gives the prediction that the mission is to provide transaction of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. If you use this domain name, it would surely hold a large number of visitors. If you are planning to have a domain name for your business that provides gambling/betting or games related to the crypto space, then brandthugs provides you with this amazing domain name. You can attract a lot of audience with this domain name. The domain name is absolutely professional and easy to memorize. Also, you can use this for a crypto exchange or a crypto wallet. This is another excellent domain name provided by for crypto lovers. If you are searching an efficient brand name for your travel agency that accepts bitcoins, this one is best for you. You can also use this domain for the business like taxi service, publicity agency, tour and travel site or ride-sharing service. Also, it comes at an affordable price of around $2995. The name itself describes that it could be related to barcodes, scanning, and payments. If your startup aims to provide a platform for payments using barcodes, then you must go with this domain name. You can also use this domain name for the areas like crypt wallet, payment gateway, bitcoin payment processor etc. Also, the dot com extension can help your webpage to improve your global webpage ranking. This one is one of the cool domain names a person can find on any website. This is a perfect, user-attractive and professional domain name for the business that involves bitcoin and cryptocurrency in any means. This hand-picked domain name can be used for the business like bitcoin wallet, bitcoin payment, and exchange, crypto news and blogging site etc. You can also use this domain name for crypto events and venture capitalist. This one is again a professional brand name related to any business. You can use this domain name. You can use this domain name for fields related to big money technology. If you are having the business like an investment firm, consultant, accelerator or wealth advisory firm, you must go with this handpicked domain name from This domain name consists of ‘dd’ which may be considered as demand draft and ‘payments’. This domain name is a straightforward one with business connotations. You can use this professional brand name from for the business like payroll service, payment processing platform, employment firm, business tool etc. The dot com extension reduces the tension for webpage ranking to some extent. If you are wondering to buy an innovative brand name for your business that deals with mining of crypto coins and bitcoin, you can go with this splendid domain name available on This domain name can be used for business such as cryptocurrency mining company, bitcoin mining pool, blockchain game, database services provider etc. Also, the price available for this domain name on the is affordable.




A domain name is the first impression of your business. Also, selection of band name also matters for search engine optimization. So, you must always choose an innovative, meaningful, easy to remember, a professional, less-confusing domain name for your upcoming business. consists of a list of such handpicked brand domain names which are literally amazing. In this article, we discussed the top 12 domain names you will love to have from

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Biggest tech companies entering Cryptocurrency: BTC to the moon?



World's biggest tech companies are entering into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Let's look at some of them and see how it would affect bitcoin.

Some of the world’s biggest technology companies are entering into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Let’s look at some of them and see how it would affect bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency and blockchain industry:


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was on the Joe Rogan podcast this week talking about bitcoin as the money of the internet. What interesting about Jack Dorsey this week is that he admitted that he owns cryptocurrencies specifically bitcoin. This is not surprising considering that his cash app lets you send digital payments back and forth to people and lets you buy bitcoin so to see him only owning bitcoin is no real surprise. What’s more interesting is that Jack Dorsey took part in the lightning network torch relay which is something going around crypto twitter at the moment. Basically, people are sending bitcoin payments from one person to the next person adding a little more bitcoin on each time using the lightning network. He received that payment and send that payment ahead using the lightning network to Elizabeth Stark of lightning labs. To see this whole thing coming together like this is really encouraging. It’s really exciting to see the CEO of such a large tech company not only being a personal holder of bitcoin but also being very enthusiastic about the technology.



Facebook has acquired a company called ChainSpace which is a London based distributed ledger technology company. Facebook has been for a very long time expanding their overall approach to blockchain and Facebook has a lot of ways in which the blockchain technology could be very amazing for the company. Thinking about all the potential to improve privacy, security, monetization etc. The bottom line of Facebook could really be improved by blockchain technology. Estimates tell that they are around 60 people employed at Facebook specifically looking at blockchain technology. There was a piece of recent news about Facebook-owned Whatsapp will be releasing the Whatsapp coin. This is a very limited release to start with the only use case for people sending payments back and forth in India but it might expand over time to other countries as well if the initial trials go well. Acquiring ChainSpace is just the next step to that process for Facebook. Also interestingly there is a project called PledgeCamp and one of their key advisors is Randi Zuckerberg. There is although no announcement of any integration of Facebook with PledgeCamp but it does show that the people behind Facebook are looking at Blockchain startups and blockchain technology.



Google said this week that they are releasing a search engine tool that lets you search the eight top blockchains. They are also looking at how to bring all that data together, look at the metadata of it, understand what the best use cases are by looking at how actually the people are using blockchain today. It’s quite interesting to see Google spending a lot of time and effort focusing on that one area. Google also can increase their bottom line exponentially by using blockchain technology.



Telegram is finally getting to the point of launching their token. Telegram has prolonged suffered from a whole variety of different issues including scam accounts and all these different things but Telegram is taking this to the next step by launching their cryptocurrency. The in-app token will allow you to exchange value within the platform which would be really exciting to see.



Baidu, the Chinese internet giant is launching ZuperChain in the near future. Interesting to see that these Chinese tech giants are going forward with blockchain despite the government not liking cryptocurrency but they are not necessarily anti-blockchain.

Looking at all these giant companies getting into cryptocurrency and blockchain really exciting but all these giant companies bring a lot of their own set of troubles. Only a couple of weeks ago everyone was criticizing Jack Dorsey about censorship on Twitter. So we have to realize the limitations of these platforms. Twitter has the power to de-platform people and in certain cases, they do have to de-platform people and that’s the reality of Twitter. We cannot forget about the things that these big tech companies are doing just because they are now doing some positive things too. Facebook is the king of de-platforming and there is no indication that Facebook will magically start using bitcoin. So there is a double edge sword looking at these giant tech companies coming into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space because if there is a Facebook dollar would probably be very censorship pro. But regardless of the baggage that these giant tech companies bring along, the reality is that for a lot of people their first cryptocurrency experience may be because of one of these giant companies. So to see this happening is overall positive for the cryptocurrency economy.


What are your thoughts on these tech giants entering into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space? Tell us in the comments section below.

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