Crypto exchange Poloniex forces a password reset after a data leak.

Crypto exchange Poloniex asked its users to reset their passwords after someone leaked the account details of customers on Twitter. The exchange said that almost all of the leaked email addresses listed do not belong to Poloniex accounts.

The crypto exchange previously owned by Circle, Poloniex, notified its customers of a data leak and that a list of leaked email addresses and passwords could potentially be used to log in to Poloniex accounts.


Password and email addresses were leaked on Twitter.

Someone on Twitter posted a bunch of email addresses and passwords and claimed that they could be used to access accounts on Poloniex. In response, exchange emailed its customers who were affected by the leak to reset their passwords. The exchange did not know how the list of email addresses and passwords ended up on Twitter. Poloniex also mentioned that most of the listed emails and passwords did not belong to Poloniex users. Some users thought that the email received from the exchange is a scam.


The exchange offers KYC free registration.

Earlier, Poloniex exchange, which now controls the largest decentralized exchange on blockchain network Tron, announced to offer KYC free registration for users with limited withdrawal limits. The exchange has exited the US market. Level 1 account enables users with unlimited deposits and $10,000 withdrawals per day. However, it is yet to see how it sets with regulators as authorities all around the world are tightening restrictions on crypto exchanges.

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