Crypto exchange OKCoin appoints Hong Fang as the new CEO

Crypto exchange giant OKCoin has appointed a new CEO with the aim to work towards global adoption. Hong Fang, who previously served as OKCoin's chairman, will now serve as the chief executive officer of the company.

Global crypto exchange giant OKCoin in a bid to expand its adoption has appointed its chairman Hong Fang as the new CEO. Fang will assume the role of CEO on March 31, 2020. Hong Fang has also worked as a banker with Goldman Sachs. 


Hong Fang will replace Tim Byun as the CEO of OKCoin.

Hong Fang is all set to replace Tim Byun as the CEO of OKCoin. Tim Byun will now serve as the OKGroup’s global government relations officer, effective March 31 of this year. Byun will oversee the exchange’s efforts to maintain dialogues with governments and regulators worldwide, and in addition to that, Byun will also be in charge of the exchange’s geographical expansion. 


Crypto exchange prepares for global adoption.

The exchange has appointed its chairman as the new CEO as part of its preparation for increased adoption. Fang had joined the firm in July last year as the COO of OKGroup and the chairman of OKCoin. The decision to appoint a woman at a higher position in a crypto company is deserving of praise as women are still underrepresented in this field. On her appointment as the new CEO, she said that they want to make it easy and safe to buy and sell crypto assets with fiat anywhere in the world. 

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