Crypto exchange giant Binance advertises bitcoin at London bus stops.

Crypto exchange giant Binance is advertising bitcoin at London bus stops before launching its regulated platform for the UK users.

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, has targeted London commuters with new advertisements featuring Bitcoin. According to a tweet from BinanceUK, the crypto exchange giant has placed ads at 17 bus stops in London. The image shows two older generations of coins as well as a current two-pound coin used in the UK, followed by the largest Bitcoin. The advertisement reads, “Money is evolving,” “It’s time to adapt.”  


Binance is all set to launch the FCA approved platform for UK users. 

The crypto exchange giant Binance announced its expansion into the UK market earlier in June, with a planned, regulated exchange platform scheduled to launch this autumn. The crypto exchange will reportedly be registered by the country’s Financial Conduct Authority and offer up to 65 digital assets for trading. In advance of the launch, Binance’s British arm hasn’t limited itself to advertising. London has recently been the hotspot for crypto firms looking for new investors. Richard Heart’s controversial HEX token has ads plastered on London’s buses and newspapers and was even featured during the English Premier League soccer games.


Binance joins the self-regulating industry CryptoUK. 

As reported earlier, Binance revealed that its UK subsidiary had joined the self-regulating industry association UK and the Australian entity has become a part of the local fintech industry advocacy body Fintech Australia. As an executive member of the self-regulating industry association CryptoUK, Binance has joined the peer groups of Coinbase, Coin Shares, CryptoCompare, eToro, and Ripple, all of which are responsible for the association’s Code of Conduct, governance, and policy positions.  

UK director for Binance, Teana Baker-Taylor, said, “as a global leader in the crypto industry, we are committed to working with both our industry peers and policymakers to facilitate discussion and education that foster sustainable policy development in the UK to support and promote a continued focus on financial services innovation.” 

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