Crypto exchange Gemini announces integration with Samsung Blockchain wallet.

Crypto exchange giant Gemini has announced integration with South Korean tech giant Samsung. The integration will allow Samsung Blockchain Wallet users to connect to the Gemini mobile app to buy, sell, and trade crypto.

The CEO and the co-founder of crypto exchange Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, announced the integration of Gemini with the Samsung blockchain wallet. According to the announcement, the integration would allow Samsung blockchain wallet users to connect to the Gemini mobile app to buy, sell, trade, and cryptocurrencies. Gemini has become the first US-based crypto exchange and custodian to partner with Samsung Blockchain. The company claimed that this integration would help bring crypto to the fingertips of Samsung Blockchain Wallet users in the United States and Canada.


“Crypto is not just a technology, it is a movement.”

The CEO and co-founder of Gemini exchange and custodian service, Tyler Winklevoss, stated that crypto is not just a technology; it is a movement. They are proud to be working with Samsung Blockchain to bring crypto’s promise of greater choice, independence, and opportunity to more individuals around the world, he added. According to the CEO, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is a convenient and secure crypto-wallet that enables users to self custody their crypto directly on their Samsung Galaxy phone supporting the Samsung Blockchain. 


Winklevoss twins respond to Goldman Sachs report discrediting bitcoin. 

Goldman Sachs recently blasted at bitcoin and other coins as it claimed that they are unsuitable investments for its clients in its report. Goldman Sachs reported that it does not recommend bitcoin on a strategic or tactical basis for clients’ investment portfolios even though its volatility might lend itself to momentum oriented traders. The bank compared bitcoin’s run with the tulip mania of the 1600s in the Netherlands, which is considered one of the most infamous instances of speculative bonds. Tyler Winklevoss tweeted that comparing bitcoin to tulips in 2020 betrays stupidity and represents opportunity. Cameron Winklevoss called out bank’s claims about bitcoin not being security or a commodity as the leading cryptocurrency was declared a commodity by the CFTC in 2015. 

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