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Coinbase Stock Faces Near-Term Volatility Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

Coinbase's stock price may experience short-term volatility due to ongoing legal proceedings with the SEC and potential Bitcoin price fluctuations, according to Oppenheimer analyst Owen Lau.

Coinbase's stock (COIN) may encounter short-term price fluctuations due to ongoing legal proceedings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the potential impact of Bitcoin's price movements, according to Oppenheimer analyst Owen Lau.

Ongoing SEC Lawsuit and Regulatory Overhang

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Lau pointed to the legal uncertainty surrounding Coinbase's lawsuit with the SEC, which alleges violations of security laws. This ongoing legal battle introduces an element of unpredictability into COIN's near-term performance.

Mixed Predictions on Lawsuit Outcome

While Lau expressed concerns about potential price swings, Bloomberg litigation analyst Elliot Stein offered a more optimistic view. Stein predicted a 70% chance of Coinbase receiving a full dismissal of the SEC lawsuit, suggesting that the exchange might emerge unscathed from the legal proceedings.

Recent Performance of COIN

Coinbase's stock has experienced a decline of approximately 28% over the past 30 days. However, it has shown an overall gain of approximately 67% in the last three months.

Influence of Bitcoin's Price Movements

Lau attributed Coinbase's recent overall growth to Bitcoin's price surge toward the end of 2023, driven by increasing optimism regarding the SEC's approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, which was realized on January 10. However, Bitcoin's price has seen a decline of approximately 10.37% over the past two weeks since the SEC's approval.

Short-Term Expectations for Bitcoin

Lau also anticipates short-term price fluctuations for Bitcoin and noted, "I do think that in the near term there will be some downward momentum on Bitcoin until the next catalyst."

JPMorgan Downgrade

On January 23, JPMorgan downgraded Coinbase's stock to an "underweight rating." This decision was based on factors including the falling price of Bitcoin and the listing of shares of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Coinbase's stock faces uncertainty as it navigates regulatory challenges and responds to the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, making near-term volatility a possibility.