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Coinbase Layer-2 Network "Base" Sees Rapid Adoption, Surpasses 136,000 Daily Active Users

Coinbase's layer-2 blockchain "Base" witnesses rapid adoption, garnering 136,000 daily active users within just a day of its official launch.

🚀 Breaking Records

Coinbase's recently launched layer-2 blockchain network "Base" has achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing over 136,000 daily active users within just a day of its official launch.

🌐 Embracing Decentralization

Base's rapid adoption highlights the growing interest in blockchain technology and decentralized platforms. The network's user-friendly design and accessible features have attracted both new and experienced users.

📊 New User Influx

Astonishingly, around 30% of the users on August 10 were newcomers to the blockchain space. This influx of fresh participants, totaling nearly 42,000, underscores the platform's ability to attract and onboard diverse users.

💹 Rising Among Layer-2 Solutions

Base's popularity is further confirmed by its ranking as the 4th in daily transactions per second among layer-2 solutions, positioning itself as a strong player in the evolving crypto landscape.

🌟 Transforming the Landscape

Coinbase's Base network has quickly become a pivotal force, ushering in the "Onchain Summer." As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it's poised to reshape the way we engage with cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.