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Citrea: Pioneering Bitcoin's Expansion with $2.7M Seed Funding for ZK-

Discover how Citrea's innovative ZK-rollup technology, backed by $2.7M in seed funding, is set to revolutionize Bitcoin by introducing NFTs, blockchain games, and DeFi without altering its core consensus rules.

Rollup Technology

Citrea, a groundbreaking project designed to integrate zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups with Bitcoin, has successfully garnered $2.7 million in seed funding, led by Galaxy Ventures, part of Galaxy Digital. This initiative, spearheaded by Chainway Labs, aims to revolutionize Bitcoin's capabilities, potentially introducing NFTs and blockchain gaming into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

A Leap Forward for Bitcoin

The funding announcement, made in a blog post on February 2, marks a significant milestone for Citrea and Chainway Labs, indicating readiness to bring this innovative solution to the market. Citrea stands out as the first rollup solution to enhance Bitcoin's block space with ZK technology. This advancement opens the door to a broad spectrum of applications on Bitcoin, from gaming to decentralized finance (DeFi), without altering its core consensus rules.

Bridging Bitcoin with Advanced Applications

Historically, ZK-rollups have been more closely associated with Ethereum, facilitating efficiency and lower costs through transaction bundling on layer-2 blockchains like Polygon and zkSync. Bitcoin has its own layer-2 solutions, notably the Lightning Network, focused on payments. However, Citrea, alongside rivals such as ZKSats and Rollux, aims to extend Bitcoin's utility far beyond traditional transactions.

Citrea's ZK-rollup technology promises to tackle Bitcoin's limitations in processing a high volume of transactions. It enables a diverse range of applications to be built atop Bitcoin without necessitating any changes to its consensus mechanism. This approach not only maintains Bitcoin's foundational security but also broadens its use case to support and settle a wide array of transactions.

The Debate Over Bitcoin's Direction

The development of Citrea comes at a time when the Bitcoin community is engaged in a debate over the blockchain's primary use case. While some purists advocate for Bitcoin to remain a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, as outlined in its original white paper, recent innovations like Ordinals and the BRC-20 standard are pushing the boundaries of what's possible on Bitcoin, introducing NFT-like assets and speculative tokens.

An EVM-Compatible Solution for Bitcoin

Citrea aims to position Bitcoin as the foundational layer for an ecosystem that includes blockchain games, NFTs, and DeFi applications, all without compromising Bitcoin's security or consensus rules. Remarkably, Citrea's solution is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling developers familiar with EVM to build directly on Bitcoin. This strategic choice could significantly reduce the barrier to entry for developers from the Ethereum space looking to explore and innovate on Bitcoin.


With its $2.7 million seed funding, Citrea is set to pioneer a new era for Bitcoin, expanding its functionality and utility through the integration of ZK-rollup technology. This not only promises to enhance Bitcoin's scalability and efficiency but also opens up a world of possibilities for applications previously thought impossible on Bitcoin's network. As the project moves forward, the broader blockchain community eagerly awaits the transformative impact Citrea might have on Bitcoin's role in the digital economy.