Chinese government includes blockchain jobs to its official list of occupations.

China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has added blockchain jobs to its list of official occupations. There are 1838 officially recognized occupations in China.

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently announced that two blockchain occupations, “Blockchain Engineer” and “Blockchain Application Operator,” have been added to the list of official occupations. The list is updated every year to add new occupations as the economy evolves, and new industries emerge. Currently, there are 1838 officially recognized occupations in China. The list by the ministry defines ‘Blockchain Engineer’ as someone that works on architecture design, programming, system application, and testing. 


China takes steps to boost the blockchain industry. 

Later last year, the Chinese president Xi Jinping had said that the country should seize the opportunity and lead the world in the blockchain industry. According to the Chinese ministry’s list, Blockchain Application Operator’ focuses on technicians who use blockchain applications in commerce, education, or the public sector. China has taken several steps to boost the blockchain industry in the country. The blockchain sector all over the world has witnessed substantial growth in the last few years and continues to do the same. Governments all over the world have recognized this tech and working to increase its adoption. 


Regulators take a serious look at blockchain in this world.

Earlier, Singapore reported that it witnessed a 30% growth in its blockchain sector. Not just Singapore, many other countries witnessed substantial growth in the blockchain industry. Regulators across countries have acknowledged the potential of blockchain tech, and many are onboard with its mass adoption. The blockchain tech, which was launched as a technology to underpin the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is now being used in many sectors. The technology is currently being used in fields, including healthcare and logistics. South Korea recently revealed its plan to use blockchain in the healthcare sector. 

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