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China is moving ahead with its plans for blockchain-based smart cities. The country published an independently developed identification system for the project. Three institutes jointly launched the identification system in Shijiazhuang, North China's Hebei Province. China started working on the blockchain-based smart cities back in 2016 as a large number of people are moving to cities in the country.

Just a few days after the Chinese President endorsed blockchain technology, the country launched the identification system for blockchain-based smart cities. According to the Global Times report, identification system technology was self-developed by the country.

Zhang Chao, director of the Zhongguancun Industry & Information Research Institute of Two-dimensional Code Technology, said that the system would be independently distributed and managed by China, with a unified distribution rule, a resolution of distributed storage and tamper-resistant code. His company is one of the developers of the system.

Vice President of the China Research Society of Urban Development, He Kejia said that there was no unified code for industries and departments in today’s rapid development of the internet and emerging information technology, causing problems of data interoperability and application incompatibility.

Xinhua reported that the smart city code system is based on code in line with international standards, and it would assign unique, global digital identification to cities.

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