Charlie Lee deletes his tweet about Dash after people respond with evidence of Litecoin instamine

Charlie Lee deleted his tweet about Dash instamine after people exposed that Litecoin had its own instamine. Lee later explained why he removed his tweet about Dash.

He later added that he did not want to create any drama with Dash. Managing director of Litecoin, Lee mentioned that the launch of Litecoin was very fair. He added, source code, and binaries for all win/Linux/Mac were released few days before launch.

Charlie Lee defends Litecoin’s instamine

According to Charlie Lee, instamine happened because hashrate was a lot higher than he expected. In his original tweet, he said, “It is hard to estimate how much hashrate jumped on it initially. What was unfair with Dash was that it was launched to friends for the first few days and then total supply reduced after the fact. ”

After people responded with Litecoin had its own instamine, he deleted his tweet.

Lee also mentioned that thousands of people jumped in and fast mined a lot of coins, but that amount was less than 1% of the total supply today.

Lee defended himself after people blamed him for “difficulty bug.” He replied to a Reddit post by saying, ” If 1000 people mined Bitcoin at launch instead of like 2, and still Bitcoin would have a similar fast mine”.

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