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CertiK Suspects FTX Hackers Using Bankman-Fried’s Trial as a Distraction

Security firm CertiK suggests that the FTX hackers might be using the media spotlight on Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial as a cover to move stolen funds unnoticed. The hackers have recently increased the movement and obfuscation of stolen assets.

Surge in Movement of Stolen FTX Funds

CertiK’s Director of Security Operations, Hugh Brooks, has suggested that the unidentified hacker(s) involved in the FTX theft might be exploiting the media attention surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial as a smokescreen. The entity dubbed “FTX Drainer” recently accelerated the transfer of stolen assets, moving around 15,000 ETH (valued at approximately $24 million) to new wallets in the last three days alone.

Diversions Amid the High-Profile Trial

As the trial garners significant public and media attention, the person responsible for stealing the funds may be trying to hide the assets stealthily, feeling a sense of urgency to obfuscate the stolen funds’ movement. Brooks noted that the FTX Drainer might believe the trial's coverage would overshadow the tracing efforts related to the stolen assets, providing an opportunity to operate unnoticed.

Evolving Tactics to Conceal Illicit Assets

Source: CertiK

Brooks observed a shift in the hacker’s strategy to launder and conceal the funds. While initially employing the “peel chain” technique, where funds are sent to new wallets in decreasing amounts, the hacker has transitioned to a more complex method, making the tracing process significantly challenging. Despite the ongoing investigative efforts, the individuals or groups behind the November FTX hack remain unidentified.