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Celer Network’s Multi-Chain Bridge Under DNS Attack

Blockchain interoperability venue Celer network recently fell victim to a DNS attack. The data exploit may have seen the perpetrators get away with around 128 ETH (roughly $240,000), according to etherscan .

Celer Network Shuts down cBridge

The Celer team warned users of the breach. tweet yesterday. In the post, they explained that they detected abnormal DNS activity on the front-end for their multi-chain project cBridge. The team informed community members that an investigation was ongoing and advised not to use the bridge.

Later, Celer stopped all operations on the bridge and made a post. summarizes the findings from yarn research. According to their reports, the attacker hijacked the cBridge user interface to redirect users to malicious smart contracts. Users who were victims of the attack saw compromised smart contracts drain their token balances.

In addition to stopping operations, Celer shared several smart contract addresses and warned users to revoke approvals for them. Their listings included contracts for Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Optimism, among others.

Celer Minimizes Losses with Quick Response

According to the investigation, the breach continued from 07:45 to 22:00 UTC yesterday. However, as noted in the post, the Celer developers quickly took charge and managed to minimize the damages.

Reportedly, only a small fraction of the network’s user base fell victim to the DNS attack. The team promised in its tweets that it will fully compensate the affected users for their losses during the incident. They also shared their plans to bring the front end back online and have followed suit ever since.

Celer’s cBridge’s user interface is up and running once again, and the network has taken additional security measures. The initial report pointed out that the attack did not affect the Celer protocol and smart contracts.