Cardano Foundation hires McCann as its brand strategy agency

The Cardano Foundation has hired McCann as its brand strategy and design agency. The company aims to work on the image of its blockchain project.


The Cardano Foundation has joined the likes of Microsoft and LinkedIn by appointing McCann as its brand strategy agency. Cardano achieved various milestones this year and launched several pilot projects. Now the company wants to work on its global image.


Cardano will work on developing brand strategy and design.

The Cardano Foundation announced that it had appointed an advertising giant McCann to reach a wider audience. The company will work to develop it’s brand strategy and design. Bakyt Azimkanov, the global PR, communications and marketing director at the Cardano Foundation, said that Brand plays a key role in Cardano’s adoption as more organizations set to integrate the world’s first third-generation blockchain into their operations.


Cardano launched Shelly incentivized testnet.

Cardano celebrated the launch of the Shelly incentivized testnet, which debuted with hundreds of and over 2.6 billion ADA staked. The testnet currently has 281 staking pools, which is ten times more than EOS and Tron. Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, said that the team hopes the incentivized network’s 1000 pool capability will be fulfilled. Currently, the market cap of Cardano (ADA) is just over $1 billion.

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