BTC Rally above $4000 will be stronger upto $4400 level

Current Trend: Bullish

Resistance Levels: $4000, $4400-$4450

Support Levels: $3630-$3650, $3500

1. After breaking the $3630 resistance level yesterday (which will act as the new Support Level), BTC’s next target is to break $4000 resistance.

2. Bitcoin must close above $3630 today in order for the bull trend to continue.

3. If $4000 level is able to break, BTC’s next target is the range between $4400-$4450.


Currently trading at $3826, Bitcoin’s rally from the yearly low of $3150 might just have started. After Bitcoin broke the bearish descending pattern and broke above the major resistance level of $3630, Bitcoin bull’s target is $4400.



Bitcoin can face resistance at $4000 level and $4400 – $4450 levels. The cryptocurrency has now received more than 20% from its yearly low where it was trading 3 days back.

Janet F. Sanchez
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