BTC price can fall to $3000 – predicts this analyst

Benjamin Blunts recently tweeted and claimed about the further downfall of the Bitcoin Price. He wrote that the crypto price could fall to $3000.

This Historical Model predicts the fall of Bitcoin’s Price to $3,000!

Benjamin Blunts, a Twitter-based Crypto Analyst, tells that there are multiple ways to analyze the current performance of Bitcoin in the Digital market. He recently tweeted and predicted that the Bitcoin is likely to fall even down.


Current Market Performance of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not doing great out in the open. The crypto price hasn’t witnessed any increment in the past few days. The price has been stagnant at a level for a long time now.

Besides, the underperformance of Bitcoin, Benjamin Blunts’s tweet indicating the fall of Bitcoin price to $3,000, is a nightmare for Crypto-owners and traders.


All you need to ken about the trending tweet!

Benjamin Blunts warns the world about the further downfall of Bitcoin via twitter.

  • He took to Twitter to explain his reasoning behind the downfall.
  • He compared the Cryptocurrency to a large triangle and a large flat.
  • He claimed that there is a 3-wave move series a denied the existence of 5-wave motives.
  • The market demand for Cryptocurrency is declining.


The Declining Market for Bitcoin

The daily trade volume of the Cryptocurrency has been stagnant since 12 March 2020.

The ongoing COVID-19 can be one of the possible reasons behind this downfall. But it is not the only reason behind this. There is a considerable potential in Cryptocurrency to be in the headlines again. We need to hit the right chords ad Bitcoin will be back with a bang. 

Crypto owners and traders ca only hope for the best at this crucial stage. We just need to hit the right chords, and Bitcoin will be back with a bang.

Devanshi Singh
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