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Brazil Working on Making its CBDC More Secure and Private

Brazil is planning to launch real-world digital tests of CDBC with a primary focus on protecting the privacy of financial transactions.

Photo by Kelly Repreza / Unsplash

Brazil is planning to launch real-world digital tests with a primary focus on protecting the privacy of financial transactions.

The preparations for the debut of the digital realm, which Brazil's central bank will issue as a kind of digital currency (CBDC), are well underway.

Nevertheless, as the testing period draws closer, the Central Bank of Brazil has determined (1) two primary areas it will concentrate on namely the spheres of privacy and sphere of safety.

Digital Real is Going to Emphasize Transaction Privacy

Even if the particulars of Brazil's initial experiments with digital real have yet to be discovered, such experiments are scheduled to take place later this year.

During the test, the digital real will be used in a transaction involving a tokenized form of an asset that is yet unnamed. Despite this, Brazil is eager to test the boundaries of the CBDC to discover the degree of anonymity and security its transactions can provide.

These two sectors are a priority for the pilot program, as stated by Fabio Araujo, the manager of the major digital project at the Financial Institution of Brazil. In a segment of an interview with Broadcast, he stated the following, among other things:

"To evaluate the level of safety and discretion that the system can provide, we will have several participants share information. That is the primary emphasis of the pilot."

Araujo continued to elaborate on the examination. He stated that they want to ensure that even if there is a transaction information leak from the platform, it will not violate the restrictions now in place.

Possible Launch Date

At this time, the digital real is in the experimental phase, which is a component of something that is referred to as the "LIFT challenge." The LIFT challenge is an open initiative that is being participated in by several different organizations.

There is a requirement that every participant organization must fulfil in the challenge, and that would be to hand in their different project reports on or by April 25 at the latest. After then, the pilot testing for the digital real may get underway.

In addition, the pilot will be carried out within a restricted scope, and the sole tokenized asset that will be used for transactions will be one that will soon become recognized.

It is important to highlight that the examination will be extended to cover third parties, such as financial institutions and other establishments. Therefore, it is reasonable to assert that the extended testing environment will likely continue beyond 2024.

You may recall that in December of last year, Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Central Bank of Brazil, dropped a clue about the release date being 2024. According to all available evidence, Brazil is making good progress in achieving its CBDC goals.