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Book Your Favourite Web3 Domain Name Now Before Someone Else Does: Minting is live on

NFT domains are collections of smart contracts or software programs that run on a public blockchain and add a layer of capabi

Web 3.0, also known as the “decentralized web,” is expanding rapidly and becoming more user-friendly. Observing the expansion of NFT domains in this decentralized network is fascinating. They may make modifications to domain names and the Internet. On, you may purchase, mint, and sell NFT domains.

Blockchain domains are collections of smart contracts or software programs that run on a public blockchain and add a layer of capability, flexibility, and security. This differentiates them from other domains.

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, NFT blockchain domains have existed. Before smart contracts, their options were limited. But now that we have intelligent contacts and can determine complex links, crypto domains have significantly more promise.

Conventional domains enabled Web 2.0 by replacing IP addresses with web portals, but they were less beneficial because they were centralized and difficult to comprehend. We have observed that domain names have become less inventive over time. will revolutionize everything.

NFT Domains from aims to foster innovation in the NFT industry by enabling the minting of NFT domains on its platform.

On the blockchain, domain names are registered on its public ledger, providing users with numerous features and benefits. They can accelerate the creation of new concepts that will lead to the forthcoming Internet generation.

In March, began providing its services, and it presently has multiple domain names based on NFT, including:

How to acquire an NFT domain with

  • Look for the desired TLD by searching on
  • Look up for the desired NFT domain name.
  • A “Mint” button will appear next to the search box if the identical item is available.
  • Click on the Mint button to receive a notification in your digital wallet.
  • Accept the payment in your digital wallet immediately.

As soon as the transaction is completed on the blockchain, the NFT domain will be issued and added to your digital wallet, together with any other cryptocurrencies or NFTs you may possess. It’s that easy.

It grants users complete control over the NFT domain and safeguards an essential component of Web 3.0. These NFT domains can also be listed, purchased, and traded on the marketplace.

Why to Register an NFT Domain With

NFT domains are superior to conventional domain names in multiple ways.

Domain names for NFT are not stored in a central location, allowing anyone to create a website on a public ledger without limitation. To complete a transaction, you can create an app that operates on top of the website and link it to any virtual wallet.

When you purchase a blockchain domain, you legally own it for the rest of your life. Thus you will never have to renew it again.

Additionally, you will be able to utilize your NFT domain name instead of your cryptocurrency wallet’s address, making it easier to remember.

Quik desires to improve the NFT domain exchange in all aspects, including security, usability, transparency, and privacy. Quik reduces the hurdles to innovation on Web 3.0 by providing a new method for selling, purchasing, and minting NFT domains.

Sign up immediately at to secure your NFT domain right now and participate in the future of the Internet!