Bonus Bitcoin: Does the faucet work in 2020?

Bitcoin faucets have been in the market since the invention of bitcoin. Initially, it aimed to spread awareness and educate people about the bitcoin, since then BTC faucets have become an easier way to get started with bitcoin and earn bonus bitcoins without having to spend any money.

The leading cryptocurrency bitcoin has been a topic of debate among investors for some time now. Bitcoin has proved to be a successful asset for early investors. However, buying bitcoin in 2020 can be an expensive starting point for young investors. Bitcoin faucets allow users to build up a small and steady amount of bitcoin without having to spend any money. 


What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucets give away users a small amount of bonus bitcoin known as Satoshi. In return, users have to complete some tasks, which could include watching a video or completing a survey. All faucets sites are different in terms of how much bitcoin it offers and what tasks a user has to perform.

Note: The concept of bonus bitcoin faucet was first introduced by Gavin Anderson in 2020 to promote the cryptocurrency to a broader audience. 

Here is the list of free Bitcoin faucets available in 2020:

  • BTCClicks
  • Moon Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Aliens
  • Family BTC


1. (1) was established back in 2013 and is one of the oldest BTC faucets on the internet. This bonus bitcoin faucet only pays out hourly, but it also offers a range of casino-style games that allow you to multiply the bitcoins you earn. The standard Hi-Lo game enables users to win up to 1mBTC every time they play.

Note: also runs free weekly lotteries for which a user gets a free ticket based on the site’s referral scheme.


 2. BTCClicks

BTCClicks (2) is another one of the longest established bitcoin faucets in the market. This bonus bitcoin faucet has been giving away Satoshis from the last seven years, and it is among the most legitimate BTC faucet available in 2020. BTCClicks allows users to earn up to 0.00018 mBTC per affiliate/referral click with up to 40% to 80% in commission. 

Note: In order to cash out your earnings, you need to have a minimum of 0.10000 mBTC in your BTCClicks wallet. 


3. Moon Bitcoin

The main feature of MoonBTC (3) is that it allows users to claim bonus bitcoin every five minutes, unlike other BTC faucets that limit claims once an hour or even once a day. This free faucet allows users to claim as often as they like. Users also have the option to claim a small bonus every five minutes or make larger claims over a more extended period each day.

Note: Moon Bitcoin also offers a range of different cryptocurrencies.


4. Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens (4) is the most interesting bonus bitcoin faucet as it allows users to earn up to 4,300 Satoshis per hour for playing a game. As the name suggests, users have to shoot aliens in order to earn Satoshis. Instead of filling out forms, users get paid to play a game.

Note: Depending on the game, different actions that a user performs generates a different amount of BTC. 


5. Family BTC

Family BTC (5) reportedly offers the safest and easiest way to begin earning Bitcoin online with its FamilyClix membership. The bonus bitcoin faucet gives users a chance to earn bitcoin every 15 minutes and rake it up to 100 percent commission on all referrals to the BTC faucet. 

Note: Family BTC offers the users different plans that they can choose to boost up their profit speeds. 


Bitcoin faucet: An easy way to earn free bitcoin

If you are looking to get started with investing in bitcoins but do not want to spend any money of your own, then earning bonus bitcoin via free faucets is for you. There are several free bitcoin free faucets out there, but make sure to research them and read reviews before signing up. If any site says that it offers half a BTC every day, then its probably a scam. The best way to earn the most number of bitcoins using faucets is by signing up on a few different faucets. 

Note: To make higher profits using BTC faucets, don’t limit yourself to a single faucet. 



So the answer to does the bitcoin faucet work in 2020 is yes. There are plenty of bonus bitcoin faucets out there that you can use to earn free bitcoin. Initially, some bitcoin faucets even gave out five bitcoins a day, and today a bitcoin is worth over $9,000, so who knows what would be a value of one bitcoin in the future. Bitcoin faucets are a perfect way to start your journey into investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

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