BOI employees switch stance for OneCoin case testimony

The trial of Mark Scott, accused of the OneCoin fraudulent scheme, has taken a different turn. Obtaining the testimony of the employees of the Bank of Ireland has become challenging as the witnesses will only provide a compulsory statement via formal MLAT request. The update was demonstrated by the latest document filed by the US government with the New York Southern District Court. Earlier, the Government held the understanding that the witnesses would voluntarily inaugurate the pieces of evidence.

Obtaining the statements of the Bank of Ireland’s employees in the criminal proceedings of OneCoin fraudulent case is turning into a complicated task, as illustrated by the latest documents listed by the US Government with the New York Southern District Court. The United States authorities filed a letter with the court on 10 October, detailing on its request to offer testimony of the bank workers via CCTV during the hearing of Mark Scott, the accused fraud.

However, the witnesses have shifted their stand on providing pieces of evidence. On 8 October, the BOI counsel informed the Government that two of the four spectators, Deirdre Ceannt and Diane Sands, would not present statements on a voluntary basis outside of the compulsory process under the US-Ireland Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT). The very next day, BOI informed about the same position being held by the other witnesses.

In return of the stand retained, the Government has submitted the request to compel the live CCTV testimony from the Republic of Ireland. It is now a clear picture that the witnesses will only give essential testimony through the formal request.

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