Blockonix confirms the launch of its Crypto Wallet.

Blockonix decentralized Exchange which was all over the news lately for being the cheapest and most user-friendly decentralized exchange will soon launch its cryptocurrency wallet- Blockonix Wallet as it revealed in a tweet earlier today:


Blockonix Wallet

The Blockonix Wallet will feature a large amount of Ethereum Based Tokens and just as the Blockonix Exchange, the wallet too is going to be fully decentralized and run on the Ethereum network (Blockchain).


Blockonix Exchange:

The Blockonix Exchange is one of a kind decentralized exchange which has every function from token listing to trading; on the blockchain, the company owns no wallet or functions of the exchange. Not only this, but the company works on a revenue-free model with all the fee earned through trading and listing of new tokens burnt automatically every day through an Ethereum Smart Contract. Apart from this Blockonix offers a tremendous amount of discount (70%) if the user pays the trading fees in BDT Tokens (The native token of the Exchange).


The team has not yet revealed the exact date for the wallet launch but it may be in the next few weeks as the team is currently in the testing stage of the wallet. The Blockonix Wallet could turn up to be positive for the Ethereum community as well which is facing a downfall from the past couple of weeks.


Will Blockonix Wallet help surge the price of ETH as well? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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