Reasons why Blockchain will disrupt every industry in 2018 and 2019

1 year ago

The power of blockchain is spreading everywhere! Many industries are bringing blockchain into play because of its very many utilities.

What is Blockchain?

It is famously known as the distributed ledger technology which is a decentralized network empowering peer to peer transactions. It became well known after the Bitcoin hype when people came to know about the advantages and use cases of it. The overall implementation of blockchain can lead to the day to day utilization of it in many sectors.

It will redefine the outlook of many sectors!

Many potential industries are thinking to implement Blockchain in their system due to its decentralized nature. The transparency provides on immutable ledgers is something which is the need of the hour. However, the major industries which will happily make use of blockchain will be the finance industries since it is that one sector which needs transparency. To avoid scams and other fraudulent activities it can be the new building blocks of modern era finance technology. Blockchain really has the potential to disrupt many industries which require now a new outlook not only in terms of technology but in security also. Security breaches are so common now. This technology is actually what was needed.

Not only for cryptos!

As the technology will advance in near time, there will be the traditional, dull and not so secure methods which will be replaced by the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology will revamp all industries beyond cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and others. The good thing about Blockchain is that it might be a bit complex initially to get started on with but later it completely sets up an environment of more transparency and security. In terms of transactions, they can be transacted within fews seconds, records can be validated in the ledger with much security. Many startups are coming with blockchain based projects. Blockchain will help to redefine few features which are lost nowadays like security, transparency, reliability, immutability and always available. Very soon, the sectors like Finance, shipping, banking healthcare Manufacturing, Real estate etc will be making use of this technology. Few other industries which can hopefully take up blockchain are the Music, entertainment industry, government, aviation etc. As the technologies become more advanced, there is always a scope to replace one technology with other. Such disruption is meant to invade many industries. The blockchain implementation will definitely revamp the look and functionalities of the industries. The workflow will be very different from what it is right now.

Few reasons why Blockchain will disrupt

  1. The global solution!

Blockchain is trying hard to prove its mettle. But it won’t take much time to spread its word. The major tech giants are already doing that for blockchain. The tendency of blockchain to carry out transactions all over the world just in matter of few seconds is something which will be appreciated a lot. No geographical boundaries, no security breaches, what else the finance world wants!

  1. The effective solution:

What does an effective solution mean? It means the solution which productively. There were many models implemented for various sectors to cover up the flaws, but they were not that effective as per the industry demands. As the technology changes, such solutions wither away due to the lack of productivity. Initially, one may find it complex to use Blockchain, but it is solution worth the efforts.

  1. Trustworthy and efficient:

Blockchain is appearing as the synonym for trust in recent times. Bitcoin used blockchain to guarantee the transactions. Its is just the matter of trust and reliability that the current solutions do not offer world class solutions.

  1. Investment for growth!

How much does a company invest for the current products to increase productivity? Moderately. There is lack in the market to try out variety of products and solutions so that they walk with the recent technologies. A bit of investment will provide easy blockchain solutions.

The target to conquer every industry!

IoT along with blockchain is touted to be the game changer for the many industries. There is so much scope for such technologies like blockchain to to just reinvent the present mechanism. Trust is the basis of every industry, which is lost nowadays due to criminal activities and it can be gained back by blockchain industry. So definitely, blockchain has become the need of the hour! And it is not very far that it will disrupt every industry in the coming future.

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