Blockchain Ventures invests in gaming technology platform Enjin – Enjin News

Blockchain Ventures, the part of the Blockchain wallet, has announced to make an equity investment into the gaming technology company Enjin. The company did not reveal the amount of investment. Just a few days before the announcement, Blockchain Ventures has participated in the seed-funding round of DappRadar

Blockchain Ventures, on Tuesday, announced that they made an equity investment in blockchain game development company Enjin. According to the official announcement, Enjin is responsible for bringing over 40 games and apps to the Ethereum Network.

Blockchain claims that Enjin creates a new paradigm for the gaming space where users truly own their in-game assets. The team behind the gaming company has worked to solve many of the issues with today’s gaming infrastructure by creating the full suite of tech required to enable an excellent on-chain gaming experience.

Enjin has also built an all-in-one blockchain game development platform to enable developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games within a few days without specialist knowledge. Blockchain reported that in the gaming multiverse, items could be used and leveled up across the ever-increasing number of supporting games,

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