Blockchain Company launches new hardware wallet: Blockchain Lockbox

Famous Cryptocurrency Online Wallet Service company Blockchain has launched its new hardware device (hardware wallet) that allows users to store their cryptocurrencies in a cold storage.

Blockchain Company has collaborated with Ledger (a hardware security company) to launch this cold storage wallet that allows the cryptocurrency investors to hold their cryptocurrencies and private keys to safeguard it from cyber attacks and theft.


Blockchain Lockbox

The device is called Blockchain Lockbox which was launched after a countdown which was being held at the Blockchain Company’s official website The hardware wallet is compatible with the online wallets of so the users can store the full holdings or a part of their holdings in offline storage.

The Blockchain Lockbox can be purchased from the company’s official website Currently, prebooking is going on for the same while the shipping will start from the 8th of November 2018 (according to the website content).

The ledger wallet company is already a successful leader in the terms of hardware wallets and claims to have sold over a million crypto hardware devices in just 2017 with the company’s current valuation of over $1 Billion.


Hardware Wallets are regarded as safer than the online wallets as they are at a less risk of getting hacked.


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