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Blockchain Capital's X Account Hacked for Deceptive Token Giveaway Scam

Blockchain Capital's X (Twitter) account compromised by scammers offering fake token giveaways, revealing the persistence of deception within the crypto space. Swift actions and user vigilance prevail in foiling these malicious attempts.

Impersonation and Deception Unleashed Scammers exploit Blockchain Capital's X (Twitter) account, using deceptive tactics to allure users with a token giveaway in an attempt to orchestrate a fraudulent operation.

The Illusion of Generosity

The tweet that was later deleted (Source:

On August 9, multiple posts from Blockchain Capital's compromised account falsely pledged a giveaway of "BCAP" tokens, guiding users towards a suspicious clone website that emulated the VC firm's legitimate online presence.

Swift Action and Countermeasures

Following the intrusion, Blockchain Capital swiftly regained control of its account and promptly removed the misleading posts, aiming to thwart the scammers' efforts to dupe unsuspecting users.

Mimicking for Mischief

The counterfeit website, subtly altering the URL by adding an extra "n" to mimic the authentic one, led users to a potentially malicious environment, urging them to link their crypto wallets—an all-too-common tactic for tricking victims into signing off on harmful transactions.

Shrouded Comments and Vigilant Users

Strategically disabling commenting on their posts, the scammers aimed to restrict users from raising awareness about the scam. However, vigilant X users joined forces to share warnings about the dubious scheme, demonstrating the power of a vigilant crypto community.

Part of a Larger Pattern

The breach of Blockchain Capital's account comes in the wake of the FBI's caution about cybercriminals exploiting the social media profiles of prominent figures within the crypto sphere, redirecting followers to fraudulent imitation sites with ill intent.