Block.One’s blockchain-based social media platform Voice goes live

The cryptocurrency-powered social media platform Voice developed by Block.One is now live. The blockchain-based social media platform was among the most anticipated projects to come from EOS.IO, the company behind Block.One

Voice is a social media platform that aims to give users power over their data that they publish. The platform recently appointed Salah Zalatimo as the CEO of Voice, who had previously worked at Forbes. He played a vital role in the success of Forbes in the digital world. The platform’s beta version is now live


Voice is an alternative for current social media platforms.

The CEO of Voice, Salah Zalamtimo, wrote in a blog post that we are living in a post-truth era where many media platforms have lost their way. He added that media should empower us and bring us together, not confuse and divide us. Voice aims to solve those problems by giving back power to users. Social media platforms like Facebook have been constantly scrutinized for how they handle users’ data and privacy.  


The platform would reward users with the native cryptocurrency

The CEO of Block.One Brendan Blumer said that current social media platforms are designed to take advantage of their users. He added that social media platforms by design run by selling users’ information to advertisers and pocketing the profit. Voice aims to solve those problems as it is built on blockchain. Recently, YouTube started taking down crypto-related videos for no reason and no warnings. Block.One paid $30 million to buy the domain name 

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