Blackmoon Crypto Exchange claims to be the first to sell Telegram’s TON tokens: Really?

Telegram is planning to launch its long-awaited blockchain within this month or in the next one, and the best market place for the new token is a fledging exchange with almost 4,000 users-Blackmoon Crypto.

This is what Blackmoon Crypto is hoping to happen, but this Cayman Islands-registered exchange has an advantage over the other. The advantage is that one of his custodians have claimed to have signed up for more than a third of the investors in Telegrams early-2018 token sale.

Blackmoon’s CEO, Oleg Seydak, is also the CEO of Gram Vault, a Swiss custodian, and the companies have decided to work together to provide the investors with a marketplace for selling their tokens.

Unlike several exchanges that conduct the sales of futures, Blackmoon will be the single exchange that will be used to sell real gram tokens directly. They will sell genuine grams from legitimate TON investors as soon as the mainnet is live.

The ties that help

The exchanges other co-founders, Ilya Perelopsky, is associated with Telegram Open Network(TON) project as the vice president of the secretive messaging app company. Blackmoon has not accepted or denied any claims about its association with Telegram, directly or indirectly.

But people associated with the TON development and investment processes, Blackmoon is said to be a part of the network of loosely affiliated entities working with Telegram. Alexander Filatov is the CEO of TON Labs, and he stated that Gram Vault is working on a first-to-market solution for gram token.

Blackmoon Crypto is an issuing and trading platform for Ethereum tokens which are backed by mainstream companies such as Xiaomi and Lyft. The platform only had about 3,800 users, and the business wasn’t exactly flourishing.

Gram Vault is a venture that is a part of the Telegram Open Network, and several investors have invested over $600 million in the company. Vasin hesitated to predict a price for the token once it’s listed on Blackmoon, but it’ll be somewhere close to $3.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
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