Bitpanda flashes “Bitcoin is the future of money” across European states.

Bitpanda took to streets to project bitcoin promoting messages in Europe. Messages such as”Bitcoin is the future of money” were projected on different buildings in the European countries. Bitpanda’s Guerilla projection so far has reached in cities like London, Zurich and, Paris. In the last four days, the company projected different bitcoin messages on 33 different sites in those 3 cities.

The Bitpanda Global Exchange has been campaigning aggressively to aware people about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The company also put out a video on its tweeter handle where the company projects different messages on the buildings such as Do you trust your bank? Bitcoin is the future of money, Embrace the new and Why invest like your parents? The creative campaigning by the exchange has fetched positive feedbacks from the crypto community.

A few months ago, Grayscale also did a similar type of campaign to promote bitcoin. Grayscale used drop gold as their catchline to turn investors from investing in gold to bitcoin. Both campaigns are designed to bring mass attention to the bitcoin. Many in the crypto community believe that these sort of efforts can bring fruitful results in the future as it would help to normalise the use of bitcoin.

Jai Pratap
Jai Pratap
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