Bitmain announces the sale of its in-demand mining machine

China-based Bitmain is among the leading companies that design application-specific integrated circuit chips for bitcoin mining. Bitmain’s in-demand Antminer S17 series has earned a name for itself. The company claims that it is the most efficient product for bitcoin mining. The mining company has announced to sell the next batch of S17 from today with the addition of T16 on its official website.

T17 offers a hash rate of 53 TH/s with power efficiency of 55J/TH ic comparison to S17’s hash rate of 64 TH/s which operates at 45J/TH. These new models could prove to be very profitable for the company as they have made significant improvements in power efficiency and hash rate. As reported earlier demand for mining machines has been on rise in the China

Both new models have been designed with the aim to reduce maintenance costs for customers in the long-term. Bitmain has claimed that these models are equipped with more secure software to block malicious attacks.

Bejing based mining company has also announced to compensate customers who would receive mining machines late than the specifies delivery date. The company will give away coupons for each day of the delay.

The company has so far announced to sell new mining machines in three batches, and the first batch is available to buy on the company’s official website from today. Delivery time for the first batch is between 1st to 10th November.

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