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Bitfinex CTO has criticized CoinGecko for under-reporting its data on the exchange. Paolo Ardoino has raised concerns regarding the website's ways of calculating the depth values. He took the matter to twitter where COinGecko admitted and responded, disclosing that the team was facing issues with the API noting the precision and length of the order book.

The CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo Ardoino, has claimed glitches prevalent in CoinGecko’s reporting. The CTO posted on Twitter raising concerns over under-reporting of market data on Bitfnex by the coin market ranking website.

Ardoino questions the ways implied by CoinGecko to calculate the depth value. According to the website, Bitfinex holds a +/-2% depth value at around $260,000. The CTO asserts that the actual value should be approximately $4 million.

In response to Ardoino’s tweet, CoinGecko admitted the erroneous data stating ongoing issues with the API recording the precision and length of the order book.

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