review – A Bitcoinmixer to help you anonymize transactions provides bitcoin mixing services to its users to help assure their anonymity while transacting on the blockchain. The platform allows users to mix digital coins from different transactions.

The crypto industry has come a long way since the inception of bitcoin in 2009. Earlier, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were advertised as a way of transacting money anonymously, but now, with increasing regulations and updated KYC enforcement on exchange platforms, it is more difficult to remain completely anonymous while transacting with bitcoin. is a Bitcoin mixer platform that allows you to mix your digital coins from different transactions. If you want to make your bitcoin transactions anonymous, it is better advised to use a Bitcoin Mixer.

What services provides:

A Bitcoin Mixer is also known as Crypto Tumbler or Bitcoin Tumbler. provides bitcoin mixing services to its users to help assure their anonymity when transacting on the blockchain. If you are making online purchases or P2P payments or donations, keeps your transactions untraceable and protects your personal information. The Bitcoin Mixer platform allows you to mix your digital coins, and as a result, hide them from hackers and any third-parties. also gets you some new crypto coins as you use the mixing services. The Bitcoin Mixer platform doesn’t keep any logs or emails sent via the contact form to enhance your anonymity. 


Use to keep your crypto transactions anonymous only keeps the information about your incomplete Bitcoin transactions. The platform charges a random commission of about 2-5% for every transaction to keep your transactions completely anonymous. Once mixes all your crypto coins, it completely erases all related information to keep your identity safe and anonymous. The algorithm that uses to mix the coins is full-proof, so the users wouldn’t have to worry about ending up on a phishing website. If you prioritize your anonymity while transacting in cryptocurrency, it is highly advisable to use a Bitcoin Mixer.


How to mix your coins on

The first thing you have to do in order to mix your bitcoin on is to put the withdrawal address on the main page. The withdrawal address you put previously is the wallet where you want to send your bitcoins. The platform allows you to add up to five withdrawal addresses. But you can only use one deposit address. You will then need to set your custom time delay as it lets the system know when to transfer your mixed bitcoins to the chosen wallet. Then you would see the address where you should send your coins. You will then need to choose the amount of bitcoins you want to mix and send them to the address displayed. The coin mixing process is automatic, and it could take anything between 10 minutes and 24 hours.

The platform will take your bitcoins and send you some new ones to the address you want. The Bitcoin Mixer sends the new coins from a random Bitcoin address that cannot be traced back to you, and this way, your transactions remain anonymous. 


Why should you use

The crypto industry has come a long way since the whitepaper of bitcoin was published by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009. With the growth in the crypto industry, the regulatory oversight on crypto companies has also increased worldwide. Online privacy has been a subject of debate and protest in the crypto community since the very beginning. One of the main motives of bitcoin was to keep users anonymous from tyrannical authorities and hackers. provides its users with just that. If you want to keep your identity hidden and transact in bitcoin, then you should opt for a bitcoin mixer like As regulations around crypto continue to tighten up, most crypto exchanges now require rigid KYC information and defeat the whole purpose of remaining anonymous.


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