Bitcoin Whale Alert: 5174 BTC transferred to Bitfinex

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Today, the cryptocurrency market capitalization fell to its lowest level since August last year again breaking its own record of lowest for the year. Currently, the market cap of cryptocurrencies lies at around $110 billion according to CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin price has also turned to a yearly low of $3278. At the moment bitcoin is trading around $3390 trying to recover but is still facing massive selling pressure. With the price expected to fall even further, bitcoin whales are worried about facing massive losses and hence more and more whales are coming into to markets to sell their holdings. Just a few hours ago, around 5174 Bitcoin was transferred to Bitfinex exchange by three transactions from different wallets. The transfer to exchange might be for the purpose of selling. Here are the transaction details:


Transaction 1: 1732 BTC


Transaction 2: 1718 BTC


Transaction 3: 1724 BTC


The cryptocurrency market has been massively hurt in just a matter of 1 month with the total market capitalization falling to nearly half which was around $200 billion in the start of November to around $100 billion today with the price of the king of cryptocurrencies; bitcoin falling rapidly.


The following article is not a financial advise. The readers are advised to do their own research before investing or trading in any digital assets.


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