Bitcoin sees excellent growth in investments by Hedge Funds, Financial Institutions

The phenomenal rise of institutional investments and Hedge funds in Bitcoin is an incredible sign for BTC enthusiasts. It shows that institutions believe in the long-term potential of Bitcoin.

The US Federal Reserve came out with a $1.2 trillion relief stimulus to support economic activities during the Coronavirus. Several other countries in the world adopted similar measures of printing money. A sizeable portion of that money found its way into investments in Bitcoins.

The top cryptocurrency hedge funds managing several million dollars in Assets under Management or AUM have surged in value over the past several months. 

Growth of Hedge funds managing Bitcoin

The top three Hedge Funds dealing in cryptocurrency by their Assets under Management or AUM are:

  1. Grayscale Investments
  2. Pantera Capital
  3. Polychain Capital

Grayscale Investments Managing Director, Michael Sonnenshein, said:

 Investors are making use of volatility and relief aid. Exposure to our products has increased significantly over the past few months. Smart money is flooding at attractive rates.”

Grayscale Investments is one such fund that has exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, etc. 


Hedge funds are an excellent way to invest in Bitcoin [BTC]

BTCUSD Weekly Chart
BTCUSD Weekly Chart

The interest shown by the Hedge Funds towards Bitcoin and other cryptos has been phenomenal so far. And more and more investors are turning in to these Hedge Funds. The weekly chart for BTC reveals that in the longer term, Bitcoin is bullish.

These funds are an excellent alternative to people who wish to invest in BTC or other cryptos but are afraid to do so. These funds manage all the risks, constantly monitor the portfolio, and make adjustments. They obviously charge a commission on these services, but it saves the investor from a lot of hassle.


What does this mean for Bitcoin

Not only the novice investors, but acclaimed investment experts also have decent exposure to Hedge funds. And the majority of these funds have in a certain lock-in period, before which investors cannot out their money. It saves the fund from occasional swings and allows a certain degree of time benefit.

A lot of Hedge fund houses investing in Bitcoin suggests that they consider BTC to be bullish in the long term. They also see it as a hedge against economic downturns!


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