Bitcoin Price Analysis, 30th May 2019: BTC going to Rise or Fall?

Technical Indicators:

Support Level: $8600

Resistance Levels: $8750, $8800

Key Points:

  • Bitcoin price started a downward correction to test the support around $8400.
  • The buyers were able to push the price back above $8600 resistance level soon.
  • BTC was able to break above the bearish pattern that was being formed on the hourly chart with resistance around $8700.
  • Currently, BTC is trading with support at $8600 and might test $8800 level soon.

Bitcoin Price Analysis:

Summary: Bitcoin price tested the $8400 level recently before recovering back. BTC might test the $8750 and $8800 resistance levels soon, however, there are chances that BTC might fall back towards $8400 support level if the selling pressure increases.

Bitcoin price started to correct downwards yesterday after falling below $8700 support level. Due to the massive selling, BTC soon broke below $8600, $8550 and even $8500 support levels. Bitcoin price even tested the $8400 support level, where buyers emerged around $8425 level and the 100 hourly SMA to stop further losses.

Bitcoin price recovered back above the $8500 and $8600 levels very soon. The buyers were also able to push the price above $8700 level. BTC was also able to break above the bearish pattern which was being formed on the hourly chart with resistance around $8700. BTC is currently trying to gain momentum in order to test the $8750 and $8800 levels.

There are chances that bitcoin price might correct back downwards to test the $8600 level and the 100 hourly SMA below which it might test $8400 and even $8200 levels. However, if BTC is able to break above $8800 in the short term, it might test the $9000 resistance level.

BTCUSD Price Chart 30 May

The chart shows that bitcoin was able to recover back above $8600 after testing the $8400 support level. However, it is very essential for BTC to break above $8800 level in order to maintain the bullish momentum or else it might fall back towards $8600 and $8400 levels.


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