Bitcoin is falling down. Watch & read Bitcoin price analysis from 4 different analysts.

Keeping an eye out for your cryptocurrency investments is easier now that we have a number of a blockchain-based application. Another essential part of this procedure is to understand the market and when to invest or sell off and make a reasonable profit.

For this, you either need a vast knowledge of the market and a close look at the minute changes in the trends or you need a source that can help you understand things in a better and quick way. Here is a detailed analysis of the trends by 4 analysts along with the videos.


1. Bitcoin falling to $7200!!!- The Moon

Carl has a YouTube channel named The Moon where he uploads videos on crypto market analysis and technological news. In his recent video, he has discussed the decrease in the prices of Bitcoin from $10,000 to go as low as $7200.

He mentioned how the volume of users selling their coins increased as the price started dipping, and he further added that it’ll be safe to say that the market is not bullish for now. He expects the price to go down in the coming days hitting as low as $6600-$6700.

He suggested the users keep track of the trends and look out for the golden pocket region that will be when the prices reach $7200. This level will show a 61.8% correction.

For the complete analysis, watch this.


2. Big Crash Today, How Much Will It Get?- Tone Vays

Tone Vays is a YouTube streamer and Bitcoin investor and analyst who live-streams his sessions of trading and uploads them on YouTube for users to watch and understand the crypto world better.

In this video, he mentioned that if the bitcoin goes bullish and above $11,000 then the chances of hitting a new record highest will increase and if it goes lower than $10,000 then we can expect lower records.

To understand better, you can watch the stream here.


3. “Drops happen. It is Bitcoin, and it is volatile”- Sunny Decree.

Sunny Decree is another streamer who has a YouTube channel where he makes live streams of his trading knowledge and helps people to understand the various trends that take place in the crypto world for multiple currencies.

In his new video, he answers the most common question asked by the people, i.e., “how low can it go?” to which he replied “No answer to this question. No one can explain this.” He gives the analysis of the years 2015 and 2016, explaining the correction percentage to people that the dips happen so that the price can rise again.

He also mentioned that various institutional investors believe that the bitcoin price will go above $100,000, so he suggested that he’ll go with their word and wait for the bullish behavior of bitcoin.

Watch the whole stream here.


4. “Oh man I’m doing good, but this crash is not”- MMCrypto with DavinciJ15

MM Crypto is an online streamer of the crypto market, and his videos consist of the analysis of everything that happens in the crypto world along with the latest news on the crypto world.

In this episode, he invited DavinciJ15, a fellow crypto enthusiast and streamer to join him and have a conversation about the sudden fall of the bitcoin.

Davinci mentions that if the value goes below $9600, then we can expect it to hit greater lows reaching around $6000. But he further adds that the best hope for everyone can be a 38.2% bullish correction that will help the price reach approximately $10,000-$11,000.

MM Crypto asks him about his take on the profit level that will be the best for the users, to this he suggests that anything near to $10,100-$10,200 should be good enough for people and him to make a small profit with no losses.

Davinci also mentioned how he is ready to go all out and add more coins with cash once it hits a bearish correction of 61.8% that will set the price to $7200. He marked this as the ideal trading zone.

MM Crypto suggests the users look for a “W” trend to get an idea of how the trend will go on and what might happen next. He further adds that closing at $9000 should be safe and for the worst-case scenario, he considers $8500 to be the best hope.

Watch the full session here.

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