Join the Bitcoin HODL gang, why you should HODL your Bitcoins and not sell them

Join the Bitcoin HODL gang

The cryptocurrency community has undoubtedly brewed a number of different disciplines which the industry is witnessing. The Blockchain Technology is also competing to find its way in order to thrive in this highly competitive world. The cryptocurrency market consists of over more than 1500 variety of cryptocurrencies. Various Investors, as well as traders in the market, are finding it difficult to assess a particular cryptocurrency coin. The rampant thefts of the cryptocurrency due to the hacks and scams have left a tinge of speculation within the cryptocurrency community throughout the world. Join the Bitcoin HODL gang and hold your cryptos and bitcoins.

The cryptocurrencies are mostly considered as an investment asset rather than being considered as a currency. It is one of the very first kinds of currency which is able to surpass the centralized financial authorities by decentralization. This might be one of the most prominent reasons why it is considered an asset because the people believe that this new technology will see a lot of embracement in the future.


HODL your Bitcoins (Bitcoin HODL Gang)

The investments done in the cryptocurrency sector carries a lot if speculations during to the unregulated market as well as the higher volatility. The cryptocurrency market is not mature enough when compared to the traditional stock market. It is, even now considered to be in a nascent stage. There is a belief in the stock market that when the market is bearish then it is the right time to invest in, and a similar analogy exists in the crypto market and the term is referred to as Hodl. If the market price of any particular commodity is low, then higher profits can be expected out of it.

Also, the cryptocurrencies can be considered relatable to Gold. Due to the fixed market capitalization, the cryptocurrency community is sure to increase its value in the future. As everything takes time the cryptocurrency market also needs some time to reach levels of the traditional stock market. As it has also been proved that the decentralized concept behind the cryptocurrencies is the main reason because of its widespread adoption. Hence, it will undoubtedly surpass the older Centralised Financial system. In the Centralized Financial system, if the economy breaks down, then huge amounts of currency is created and in order to mitigate the problem which leads to the devaluation of the currency. But this is not exactly in the case of cryptocurrencies, as huge amounts of computing power and electricity are required to mine any particular cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Hodl gang

Therefore holding on to our investments in this field is preferred or simple Hodl. This can be supported by the fact that the due to the limited supply of the cryptocurrencies, its market value with always steadily keep increasing with time. This has made the investors as well as traders tuned towards the industry. All the Hodlers may hence join the Bitcoin Hodl gang.

In fact, the fall of the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2018 should be considered as an opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency and hence profit from it. According to some experts, it is even believed that when a cryptocurrency coin experience a 20- 30% of an increase in value, it indicates that the coin is gaining momentum and hence one must hold on to their investments. This is evident from the fact that even Bitcoin experienced a number of downfalls before reaching an all-time high of $20,000.

After all, it only depends on the investor’s decision. If the whole cryptocurrency community experiences a tragic event or a disaster, then no one is to be blamed. Everything that any financial expert or a professional predicts, almost never happens accordingly. Hence one must have a very clear sense of responsibility for their investments and must keep updating themselves regularly with the news regarding the cryptocurrency coin which they have invested in. The cryptocurrency coins are one of the most successful in the field which has globalized the economy. Bitcoin being the first one along the line, definitely has the first movers advantage and despite its scalability issues it would continue to grow on unprecedented scales.



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