Bitcoin Gold Latest News, BTG Price Analysis

Significant advancement with respect to Bitcoin Gold.

Various altcoins have been developing in the cryptocurrency space and keeping up with the latest advancements have become very the need of the day. Interestingly the advancements or drawbacks that cryptocurrency project persist opens up before people and they react to the news respectively. By taking huge advantage of this particular loophole, various hackers, scam people by creating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the minds of Crypto enthusiasts.Let us try to decipher some of the latest advancements with respect to Bitcoin gold.


Recent checkpoints achieved by Bitcoin gold


In the month of May, the Bitcoin Gold blockchain platform was accused of undertaking double spend transactions which left the investors in denial. It was estimated that around 18 million dollar worth transactions were undertaken and the network has also become susceptible to the 51 percent attack.

More recently, in September, many Crypto exchanges have taken a stance of delisting Bitcoin Gold, from their operations as a consequence of its vulnerabilities. Particularly, Bittrex announced to delist it by 17th September, as a direct consequence of its hack and double spending problem. It has been estimated that Bittrex was personally a victim of the attack, and had requested Bitcoin gold community for compensation of almost $255,000 worth of Bitcoin gold.


Price analysis

BTGUSD Price Chart
BTGUSD Price Chart



The prices have been somewhat stable from a long duration and trading between the $16 and $32 levels.  the price fluctuated and shifted from $28 to $29 this month.



A slight bullish notion was experienced, in this particular month as the prices rose from $21 to $26.



The prices slightly fell and reached $24 but the Crypto coin is currently trading around $26.26. The price of this particular cryptocurrency, interestingly, has not been very volatile from many months as no significant achievements or drawbacks have come forward.