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6 youtube videos that suggest Bitcoin is evil



bitcoin evil youtube

Some of the videos on the Internet which suggests that Bitcoin is considered as a sign of the beast.


  • Bitcoin: Boon or Bane?

Some of the speculators in the cryptocurrency consider Bitcoin to be as one of the most dangerous forms of investment due to its high volatility when compared to the traditional currencies.  Nevertheless, the lovers will always support the fact that Bitcoin is the future of the financial world where it would replace all the other Fiat currencies with a globalized as well as a decentralized economy. If a particular cryptocurrency is to be used as a globalized economy in the future then price volatility is the key factor which can’t be neglected. The merchants and the customers who would be using the currency for the daily requirements can’t rely upon highly fluctuating Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin hence the speculations on Bitcoin doesn’t seem to be worthless at all.  

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which were developed in order to rip apart the centralized financial system where the authorities had control over almost any decision in the financial world, and the worst part was that,  all the decisions which were made were against the interest of the citizens. On the other hand, volatility can also be considered as a boon to the cryptocurrencies as many crypto billionaires and investors were attracted to this enchanting technology only during the price surge in December 2017. The widespread adoption was due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin. Many professionals in the field event mark the key differences and a huge gap that exists between physical and digital currencies.

When compared to the traditional Fiat currencies, as we observe they are losing their value day by day hence it is surely not a good bet. Below are some of the top video suggestions which might change your perspective towards Bitcoins.


1. Buying in Bitcoin is an investment in Evil!

The video goes on to explain how Bitcoin is a sign of the rise of the  Antichrist. He mentions that the prophecy of Bitcoins is already mentioned in the Bible. Bitcoin prior to becoming the widespread currency in the mainstream market was the no. 1 currency used on the dark website for all kind of illicit activities. The anonymous nature of the cryptocurrencies was the main feature which was exploited by them for unlawful activities.


2. Is Bitcoin the mark of the beast? Bitcoin evil?

In The video Bitcoin is considered to be an evil currency of the future because according to Bible and the sign of the beast, the currency must be accepted worldwide, in other words, it must be globalized and mainstream. As the cryptocurrencies we know, are in their infancy stage and hence Bitcoin might be the future beast which is mentioned.


3. The truth about Bitcoin and the mark of the beast!

The video explains the basic functionality of a cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin and also its increase in the adoption due to the inflation of the US dollars. All the people are happy about the short-term gains but not seeing the long-term big picture. He also mentions that even if one becomes a millionaire in the cryptocurrency domain, would always be a subordinary to the elites that control the financial system in the world.


4. Bitcoin: Origin of evil Video

The video explains the mark of the beast and how companies around the world were forced on to jump onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon or otherwise were threatened to be left behind. He mentions Sofia, the first robot to acquire citizenship from Saudi Arabia and marks the earning potential of robots as a reason to replace humans. According to him, the cryptocurrencies are nothing but a manifestation of the artificial intelligence in the financial world.


5. Is Bitcoin evil?

The Video the importance of the cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange and store of value and how it comprises all the features of currencies.


6. Sophia, Satan and Bitcoins.

The video goes on to explain how artificial intelligence would be replacing human beings completely. In order for a robot to be deemed as a citizen must be able to generate value and hence get paid. Now the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoins is the most suitable currency for robots which apply artificial intelligence.


  • Ongoing speculations

Speculations are always on the higher side of the spectrum when it comes to considering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to mark as the sign of the beast or the Antichrist. Also, the fear of replacement of humans by artificial intelligence based superhuman robots can overtake the whole world.


Bitcoin Giveaway Scam: High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked



A team of cybercriminals hacked the twitter accounts of some famous retail business accounts on twitter to promote another cryptocurrency giveaway scam.

A team of cybercriminals hacked the twitter accounts of some famous retail business accounts on twitter to promote another cryptocurrency giveaway scam. These include the twitter accounts of retail industry giants Target and The Body Shop. The hackers are believed to be poor in English writing as the scam messages are usually written in a poor language. The hackers targeted a number of verified Twitter accounts.

The tweet on Target’s Twitter account read:


After which a few hours later when the team realized that their account had been hacked, they posted another tweet stating that their account was inappropriately accessed for posting a bitcoin scam:


Apart from Target, a number of other accounts such as The Body Shop, Universal Music Czech Republic, Toledo Rockets, the Agriculture, Horticulture Development Board and UNHCR Serbia account were also targetted by the hackers.

The hackers seem to be quite expert as it is quite surprising how a good number of verified Twitter accounts were all hacked at once. Earlier, the hackers used to clone the accounts rather than directly taking over the accounts.

In a recent case, a group of hackers had cloned the account of Cap Gemini Australia and replaced the name with Elon Musk and posted a similar bitcoin scam message stating that Elon Musk was giving away 10,000 BTC to all his community:



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Bitcoin Cash Fork Explained, Forking the Fork on 15 November



A "wait and see" approach can be the best way to profit during the Hard Fork. Small investors should stay safe and not "dump" their BCH for BTCABC and BTCSV

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash BCH fork is what everyone is talking about. It is scheduled for tomorrow, 15th November.

Bitcoin came into existence in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper and the aim was to make a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. In 2009, Satoshi released the code for Bitcoin. Satoshi left the project in 2013 and vanished from the Bitcoin world, not to ever come back again. He handed over the project to a small group of developers.

It is believed Satoshi Nakamoto might have Hard-Forked the original Bitcoin code multiple times in the early years, after which multiple coders and developers joined and started working on the Bitcoin code.


Issues within Different Teams, welcome Bitcoin Cash

Right after Satoshi vanished, consensus issues started arising between different teams/developers who wanted to implement different upgrades in the current codes. There was no consensus mechanism that can help everyone to agree on an upgrade.

Fast forward to 2015-16-17, we have thousands of developers writing code for Bitcoin, divided into certain teams. Some people wanted “Bigger Blocks” and some people wanted “Lightening Network” for example. The fight between different “features” led to developers divide into teams. In 2017, the first major Bitcoin Hard Fork happened that led to “Bitcoin Cash” and the original blockchain started being referred to “Bitcoin Core” or just “Bitcoin”.


Forking the Fork

On November 15, the forked Bitcoin Cash is being forked again. Two teams being “BitcoinABC” and “BitcoinSV” or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. the two groups of teams are updating the Bitcoin Cash in a certain way. Craig Wright or Faketoshi leads one team of BitcoinSV, others are on the side of the BitcoinABC side. This split is very similar to the 2017 Hard Fork of the original Bitcoin.


The Real cause for the Forks

It is presented to the public as a political drama and technical details for the fork, but the main cause of such forks is a lack of a formal governance process to help everyone agree on how to upgrade the software. A governance process can be a formal voting process where everyone can come to a common agreement. It can be similar to the elections. This governance process does not mean that we need a government involved in the process, but it means there has to be a process where everyone can agree on a decision based on a majority vote. This lack of a process for a “final decision” is the key cause of Hard Forks, which are usually portrayed as technical upgrades for normal people or investors, who do not care of all small technical issues.


Profit Opportunity during/after the Fork

In 2017 during the Bitcoin Fork, many investors bought BCH in the hype created and gradually lost their investments during the process. A “wait and see” approach can be the best way to profit during the Hard Fork. Small investors should stay safe and not “dump” their BCH for the hype created by media and the two teams. As an individual investor, I consider the second version of BCH as a “bonus“. What do you feel about my thinking process? Your comments are welcome below.

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#Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Bitcoin Cash BCH Price Analysis: Can BCH break $520 level?



BCH price is still struggling to break the $530 and $540 levels. A significant resistance level between $515 and $520 could not be broken.
  • Hourly RSI is below the 50 level.

  • Hourly MACD is in the bearish zone for BCH/USD

  • Major Support Level: $500

  • Major resistance Level: $520


Key Points:

  • BCH price is still struggling to break the $530 and $540 levels.
  • A significant resistance level between $515 and $520 could not be broken.
  • BCH price is at risk to drop below $500 support level.

At press time, Bitcoin Cash price is trading at $514 against the US dollar.


Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

BCH price is at risk to move below the $500 support level. BCH/USD pair has remained in the bearish zone, and although it tried to break the resistance level of $530, it failed. A low was formed yesterday at the level near $495, breaking the $500 level temporarily, but the price was soon pushed back to above $500.



If the price of BCH is successful in breaking the $525-$530, the price can move up, but it is unlikely. The 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the last fall from $560 to $494 has also prevented gains.
All in all, the bearish trend continues today as long as key resistance levels of $520, $530 are not broken.

Taking a look at the chart for BCH/USD, we can see a lot of pressure under the $510 level.

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