Fundstrat Global Advisors prime supporter Tom Lee keeps on being bullish on Bitcoin. He anticipates that Bitcoin will exchange generally at 2.5 times the mining cost, which as indicated by him will increment from the present levels of $7,000 to $9,000 continuously end. Lee has an objective of $20,000 and higher for Bitcoin before the finish of 2018.

We don’t agree with his objective levels from the specialized analysis perspective. $10,000 and $12,000 are probably going to be two prices indicates that will be troublesome cross for the bulls.

Be that as it may, if cryptocurrencies witness a surge of institutional contributing, at that point those obstruction levels will be effectively crossed. While the retail financial specialists are to a great extent remaining without end in dread of a further fall, the expert traders are utilizing the current downtrend as a chance to enter crypto exchanging.

Amsterdam-based speed dealer Flow Traders NV, one of the biggest securities traders in Europe, has entered the cryptocurrency market, as revealed July 5. The landing of such mammoths is a reasonable sign that the bigger players are dove in and these lower levels are probably not going to stay for long.

Things being what they are, what can the traders purchase now? We should discover.

BTC/USD (Bitcoin Price Analysis)

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is supporting over the 20-day EMA, it is discovering hard to break out of the overhead opposition at $6,953.38. When this level is crossed, there is no resistance until $7,750.


We likewise find that the BTC/USD combine is shaping a reversed head and shoulders (H&S) design that will finish on a breakout and close above $6,953.38. This example has an objective of $7,996.11, which is near the opposition from the downtrend line.

Bitcoin Price Analysis 7 July

The 20-day EMA has turned level, which demonstrates that the bears are losing energy. We may see a little plunge, which will frame the correct shoulder of the transformed H&S design. When we get this plunge, it will enable us to trail the stops higher and we will likewise have another stop misfortune position for any new buys.

Our bullish view will be nullified if the bears sink the cryptocurrency beneath $5,900. Consequently, if you don’t mind holding the stop misfortunes at the suggested levels for the long positions started at $6,650.

ETH/USD (Ethereum Price Analysis)

Ethereum price has been exchanging a tight range for as long as three days. The bulls have kept it above $450 while the bears have topped the upside at the 20-day EMA.


In the event that the bulls break out of the intraday highs of July 3, a move to $550 and from there on to $600 ought to be on the cards. In this way, the traders can enter a long position at $500 and keep an underlying stop misfortune at $400, which can be in this manner raised to $450. In the event that the ETH/USD match battles to break out of $550, the stops can again be raised to breakeven to decrease the hazard.

Ethereum Price Analysis 7 July

Our bullish view will be refuted if the bears break and manage beneath $450. The computerized cash will turn negative on the off chance that it breaks beneath $400 levels. If it’s not too much trouble keep the position estimate around 40 percent of ordinary.

BCH/USD (Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis)

Bitcoin Cash Price did not trigger our purchase suggestion made in the past analysis. It turned down without breaking out of the intraday high came to on July 3.


The bulls are right now endeavoring to hold the $736 level. On the off chance that fruitful, a break out above $838 should bring about a rally to $1,200 with a minor obstruction at $934. Thusly, we hold the purchase suggestion gave in the past analysis.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis 7 July

Our bullish view will be discredited if the bears sink the BCH/USD match underneath $736, which can bring about a tumble to $657.

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