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Bitcoin ETF: Latest updates and all you need to know



Bitcoin ETFs are nothing but a type of Exchange Traded Funds which acts as a security for its underlying asset, here Bitcoin. Full analysis on ETFs

Complete insights concerning Bitcoin ETFs.


Various cryptocurrency advancements

Advancements in the cryptocurrency domain have alternatively spurred lots of other financial domains as well, due to the precise reason that the market is in its developmental stages. The cryptocurrency world has been continuously expanding since 2009, with thousands of cryptocurrencies and a variety of subdomains. All such activities of advancements directly contribute to the development of cryptocurrencies and help the market in attaining maturity. Security is the utmost priority for the cryptocurrencies, as they are more vulnerable to attacks due to their online nature, and constant improvements to secure the Bitcoin funds in alternate ways have been tried out.


Bitcoin ETFs would be a great venture

Bitcoin ETFs is one such initiative that has continuously been the center of discussion for various cryptocurrency blogs and discussion forums. Bitcoin ETFs are nothing but a type of Exchange Traded Funds which acts as a security for its underlying asset, here Bitcoin. An ETF tracks its underlying financial asset and distributes it in the form of shares before various institutions as well as the individual investors, and provide them with the choice of trading them. According to experts, the inception of Bitcoin ETFs would result in a higher stability of the crypto market, as it is traditionally traded on the stock exchanges.


How did Bitcoin ETFs start, along with dates

The Winklevoss twins had initiated a proposal before the Securities and Exchange Commission to trade Bitcoin ETFs, on the New York Stock Exchange along with Chicago Board Options Exchange. Their proposal was rejected by the Securities And Exchange Commission, as they cited Bitcoin ETFs to be highly regulated in nature.

Their second proposal towards the Bitcoin ETFs with certain modifications also had to deal with rejection on 26th July 2018. The solidX Bitcoin ETF is another Bitcoin ETFs which was proposed, but on August 7th, 2018 the decision regarding this particular Bitcoin ETF was postponed to September 2018. This particular Bitcoin ETF is highly talked about, as it is going to be listed on CBOE which also trades Bitcoin futures.


Further updates concerning Bitcoin ETFs

On August 23rd, 2018, it became apparent that the Securities And Exchange Commission was highly reluctant when it came to giving a green signal to the Bitcoin ETFs. According to the most recent update, on September 20th, 2018, the decision regarding the Van Eck SolidX ETF was again postponed by the SEC, due to its relaxing nature towards the Bitcoin ETF. This particular initiative would result in creating high amounts of liquidity within the Bitcoin market, and indirectly would elevate the functionalities of Bitcoin, in general. Many investors who are reluctant due to the unregulated nature of Bitcoin, might consider investing in it, through Bitcoin ETFs.


Various advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin ETFs

One must know that this initiative of ETFs is towards the centralized economy and therefore the cost of security must be borne by someone and this burden would be in the form of related transaction fees. This might turn away many institutional investors from this initiative. The decisions of the Security And Exchange Commission is creating market fluctuations in the Bitcoin prices, as most of them consider Bitcoin ETFs to be, highly futuristic. It is to be known that, even if the Bitcoin ETFs would be permitted, then it would be launched not anywhere before January 2019.


Opinions regarding the Bitcoin ETFs through tweets

1. Gabor Gurbacs, director of digital asset strategy at VanEck mentions various pros of Bitcoin ETFs.


“What an #ETF brings to #Bitcoin: -Increased liquidity via the AP & ETF ecosystem -Lower counter-party risk -Better valuation and execution practices”



2. According to a Twitter handle, ‘Bitcoin ETF’, they are trying to find out the efficiencies of incorporating Bitcoin ETFs,


“ The Holy Grail for bitcoin bulls is a U.S.bitcoin ETF, which would truly bring the cryptocurrency to the masses #bitcoin #bitcoinfutures #bitcoinetf $btc”


3. According to The Element Group,


“ The VanEck SolidX #bitcoinETF represents the last credible hope for a near-term approval of a bitcoin ETF because there are currently no other outstanding applications in the pipeline.”


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Can Cryptocurrencies be the solution for the 2020 predicted US Recession?



JPMorgan Chase has predicted a 60 percent chance for the next US recession to happen by 2020. Can crypto be a viable solution to existing stores of value?

JPMorgan Chase has predicted a 60 percent chance for the next US recession to happen by 2020. In a global market crash, can crypto be a viable solution to existing stores of value?

“The probability of a U.S. recession inside one year is right around 28 percent, and rises to more than 60 percent over the next two years, researchers wrote in a note this week. Over the next three years, the odds are higher than 80 percent, as indicated by the note,” Bloomberg reported.


Why Do Experts predict a Recession?

As indicated by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, there exists a mere 14.5 percent chance of a recession happening before the end of 2019.

Stephen Stanley, the chief economist at Amherst Pierpont, suggested that 2020 could be considered as a premature period for the next US recession to happen yet he echoed a comparative sentiment to JPMorgan in that while the US economy remains solid with low unemployment rate and a bull market, the danger of a recession in the years to come exists.

Generally, the larger part of economists in the US forecast a recession to happen in the next a few years. David Altig, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta research director and NABE’s survey chair, disclosed that 66% of business economists in the US expect the market to crash before the end of 2020, for the most part, due to trade issues.

“Trade issues are clearly influencing panelists’ views,” Altig stated, expressing that trade issues and high-interest rates imposed by the Fed leave US markets vulnerable to a mid-term crash.


Is Crypto the solution?

Amid a period in which numerous economists forecast a market crash and a noteworthy recession in the next two years, the demand for crypto has increased quickly.

While not portrayed by the prices of significant cryptocurrencies, financial institutions, for example, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup have established the infrastructure to target institutional investors intending to invest in the advanced asset market.

Banks and investment firms have prevented from establishing businesses in the cryptocurrency sector due to the absence of regulatory certainty in the market. Experts have stated that the suddenly emerging trend of major financial institutions entering the crypto market suggests the demand for crypto from investors in the traditional finance sector has increased quickly in the previous several months.

As Jim Hamel, portfolio manager at Craftsman Global Opportunities Fund explained, the computerized payments industry has experienced exponential development in recent years, which could normally lead investors to cryptocurrencies.

“There are a number of tailwinds adding to this trend. In the first place, we’re seeing fast development in e-commerce, which requires that customers be able to make secure advanced payments. The development in cross-border transactions and the general effect of an increasingly globalized marketplace are helping accelerate this trend.”

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Bitcoin Core Client Controvercy, BitMEX vs Bitcoin Core Client



The Bitcoin Core client has always been in the news for its controversies or bottlenecks. Therefore, it is a fantastic step taken by Bitmex.

Why do we need updates concerning Bitcoin clients?

Bitcoin has many controversies revolving around it, and so does Bitcoin Core Client. However, history has been evident that the one which is the most valuable is also the most controversial one. To keep up with the changing times, many upgradations have been done to the Bitcoin skeleton. Many updates regarding the Bitcoin transactions. size of the Bitcoin blocks etc, to keep the Bitcoin network viable enough to be used.


What is Bitcoin Core client?

A Bitcoin client is a node which is required by every user who wishes to join the Bitcoin network. He or she is enabled to initiate transactions on the network as the client provides a Bitcoin wallet. There are various versions of Bitcoin clients which have been developed until now, and Bitcoin Core is the third in the list. Initially designed by Wladimir van der Laan, it requires the availability of the entire Bitcoin ledger to use its services which approximately accounts to 155 GB. However, this particular Bitcoin client has been under constant controversies for various reasons, since its inception.


Hardships faced by the Bitcoin Core client

Bitcoin core client was initially known as just Bitcoin. To avoid confusion, its developer decided to rename it as Bitcoin Core, but he faced a lot of criticism as people believed that this was against the idea of decentralization. Nevertheless, many Bitcoin enthusiasts supported the idea. Although Bitcoin Core governs the consensus rules of the Bitcoin network, it is not as powerful as it seems. One can very quickly shift to other Bitcoin repositories if the client becomes inefficient. This was evident when many Bitcoin enthusiasts, slipped from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin UASF, in 2017 during the block size war.


Bitcoin Bitmex Research to dethrone Bitcoin core client

Bitmex has come up with a unique idea of initiating a dedicated Bitcoin client to compete with the Bitcoin Core. In their official blog post, the company also explicitly mentioned that it was solely doing it to eradicate the belief from the minds of people that Bitcoin Core controls the Bitcoin network. Specifically, it is a soft fork of the Bitcoin Core implementation. Therefore, the users need not worry about, the Bitcoin Core getting tampered, as subsequent improvements can be initiated with the new Bitcoin Bitmex research. Bitcoin Core client was considered as an excellent influencing authority which controls the market price of Bitcoin, but it is the end users to manage the Bitcoin network as designed by Satoshi Nakamoto.  


Lethargic attitude of developers of the Bitcoin Core client

The Bitcoin Core client is highly inefficient as the network requires the synchronization of the entire blockchain, which is enormous. Therefore, many users have been complaining in this particular regard, as it took some of them, days together to complete the process. More recently in September 2018, the Bitcoin Core client was once again in the LimeLight for it’s a critical bug which was discovered two years back, in November 2016. The problem was so delicate that would have led to a complete crash of a particular node if left unchanged. The developers took the matter seriously only now, and have updated the version by fixing the bug, from versions 0.14 to 0.16.3.


Bitcoin Bitmex research would be there to serve people

The Bitcoin Core client has always been in the news for its controversies or bottlenecks. Therefore, it is a fantastic step taken by Bitmex which has recently announced to release a dedicated client, Bitcoin Bitmex Research. This would be a great sigh of relief, as the customers would be less vulnerable to illicit activities that happen in the Crypto space leading to the losses of funds. Therefore, for the people who are looking forward to the Bitcoin Bitmex research client, some amount of patience is inevitable, as developers are still in the process of developing it.  

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Bitcoin: Long Term Trading Signals 22 Oct



Bitcoin is in consolidation and trading between $6700 in the upper supply area and at $6250 in the lower demand area of the range.

LONG-TERM Trading Signals for BTC/USD

Bias for Bitcoin (BTC) – Ranging

Resistance Levels- $6800, $6900, $7000

Support Level-$6100, $6000. $5900


Bitcoin is still in a range-bound market on the long-term outlook. The struggle for the market control between the bulls and bears remains obvious. The bulls progressive movement that started on 12th October after the spinning top saw BTCUSD at $7788 in the supply area on 15th October. This led to the break of the upper resistance area and the 200-EMA.  

The bears’ pressure forced the candle to close at $6742 within the range and below the 200-EMA. BTCUSD was down to $6511 in the support area on 20th October due to the sustained bearish pressure.


BTCUSD chart

BTCUSD chart


The formation of a bullish railroad on 20th October indicates the bulls gradual return.  Should the daily candle of 21st October close bullish, it will suggest the bullish pressure within the range will be stronger as price sits above the 34 EMA

Bitcoin is in consolidation and trading between $6700 in the upper supply area and at $6250 in the lower demand area of the range. A breakout at the upper supply area or breakdown at the lower demand area is imperative. To flow with the trend, traders should be patient to allow this to take place before taking a position.

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