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Bitcoin Core Developer Exits Lightning Network Due to Security Concerns

Security researcher Antoine Riard steps back from the Lightning Network's development, raising concerns about new replacement cycling attacks and their impact on Bitcoin's ecosystem.

Security Researcher Steps Down Over Emerging Threats

Renowned security researcher and developer Antoine Riard has announced his departure from the Lightning Network's development team. His decision stems from growing security concerns and profound challenges that pose a threat to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

New Class of Replacement Cycling Attacks

Riard has drawn attention to a "hard dilemma" faced by the Bitcoin community due to the emergence of a new class of replacement cycling attacks that pose a severe risk to the Lightning Network. These attacks target payment channels, creating vulnerabilities that can lead to the theft of funds from participants. Riard emphasizes that addressing these threats may require fundamental changes to the underlying Bitcoin network itself.

Complex Challenges for Lightning Developers

Developers of the Lightning Network grapple with multiple challenges, including criticisms regarding network complexity and its impact on user experience. While the network has grown in popularity since its inception in 2018, it still lags significantly behind Bitcoin in terms of total value locked. The complex issues surrounding the network's security warrant attention and action.