Bitcoin Cash Upgrade: Based on Consensus is foul, Cry Purists

Bitcoin Cash is up for an upgrade come November 15. However, the developers are seeking industry-wide consensus before committing to the upgrade leaving themselves open to criticism from purists that the ‘consensual’ upgrade is ‘foul’ indicating differences of opinion among the community members of bitcoin cash.

There are two things under contention – the BitcoinABC client changes (which are plenty in number) and the second being the ‘canonical ordering’ aspect of Bitcoin Cash project.


Exchanges support bitcoinCash policies

Apparently, Bitcoin Cash viewpoint found resonance in crypto exchange – Coinbase which has reported that ‘it will support’ the move by the project to publish a roadmap.

The important changes are with respect to DSV which is a technical protocol improvement which allows cross-chain atomic contracts via the OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY.

The point of conflict is the above protocol along with the canonical ordering. When ABC published these plans to be included in the hard fork scheduled for November, the issues erupted. There are some among the group which believes that the canonical ordering may well allow safer o-confirmed transactions. Additionally, Wright has seen or taken the issue forwards by commenting that, “Any DSV spend will eventually be blacklisted on SV. You support DSV; then, you will have the unspendable coin.”

The issues have thus reached a point of no return with the likes of Wright being to ridicule every ABC roadmap. These developments, therefore, indicate that a chain-split is in the offing.


Services on

The services on such as Cash Games, Faucet as well as mining pool will change with the network upgrade. These will begin to issue BCH, where the origination will be from the output and will use the protocol – OP_CHECKDATASIG.

Roger Ver who is on but is also a BCH miner says that DataSig is also the same and the client BitcoinSV is on the blacklist. BitcoinSV is not absorbed into DSV and so cannot be blacklisted.

It is expected that both the clients are not completely incompatible as of November 15th. With the first block, it can, therefore, be seen that mining with other clients will also result in a chain-split. Hence, there are two networks. The Bitcoin ABC network, as well as other clients compatible in this context, will look at Bitcoin Unlimited as well as BitcoinSV network. Hence the two coins, where both our clients are mined and the latter will also be listed on the CoinEx exchange.

The fundamental concept here is that miners will not intervene in terms of each other coins such that miners will also not make the rules when choosing them. Hence the rules are to be made in terms of the protocol clients. Additionally, miners are compliant with the rules of the client, according to ABC statements. Hence, if the different client runs with different rules such as SV, ABC will not have a concern.


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