Bitcoin Cash ABC Price Analysis: Will BCHABC fall to $100?

Support Levels: $150, $140

Resistance Level: $165


Key Points

  • Bitcoin Cash ABC broke the key support level between $160 and $170.
  • A bear fall is predicted with the key resistance at $165
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC can fall below $150 due to the massive selling pressure.


Bitcoin Cash ABC fell below $170 support range after an extreme selling pressure which could even break the next key support between $150 and $140.




Bitcoin Cash ABC declined heavily against USD once the price broke the support between $160 and $170. BCHABC is currently trading around $157 (at the time of publishing) according to CoinGecko. Currently, there is a key bear trendline built near the $165 resistance which can further decline the price of BCHABC to the next support level between $150 and $140. If the selling pressure is maintained, the next support can also be broken which can bring the price down to $130 to $120 range.


BCHABC to USD daily chart
BCHABC vs USD daily chart


Looking at the daily chart of BCHABC vs USD, the price will likely fall below to the support near $140 and if the sellers remain strong, the price can even decline further to $130.

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