Bitcoin BTC ETF 101, October 2018

Prophesying the effect of the Bitcoin BTC ETF


What is an ETF?

An Exchange Traded Fund is an investment asset which is highly stable and has a lot of upper hands when compared to the relative investments of its kind. The exchange-traded funds usually act as a security to any particular asset and its value is connected with it. The Exchange Traded Funds provides immense amounts of liquidity, as it is traded very similarly to the traditional stocks in the Stock Markets on a daily basis. the exchange-traded funds generally have advantages like greater return on Investments, trading during the daytime, low operational costs, no sales load, etc.


What is Bitcoin BTC ETF?

Bitcoin BTC ETF is nothing but an Exchange Traded Fund whose underlying asset is Bitcoin. the Inception of the concept of Bitcoin BTC ETF has resulted in the hybrid of two of the most trending investment domains in the market. In simple words, the customers would not be required to follow complex procedures which are necessary to own and store Bitcoins. However, there is a thin line between Blockchain ETF and Bitcoin BTC ETF. The investors can also short sell shares, concerning the Bitcoin ETF, if they foresee a Bitcoin fall in the future.


How is ETF going to change the Bitcoin Story?

Bitcoin ETF will have a very positive effect on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as high amounts of liquidity can be poured into the domain indirectly, as more number of investors join the bandwagon through the traditional stock market way. It can also be cited as a small step towards the global democratization of Bitcoin. The face of Bitcoin would be changed forever, as the traders reluctant to deal with the complex procedures of buying and storing Bitcoin, would find a great relief in the Bitcoin BTC ETFs. Even though cryptocurrencies are quite popular these days, the ETFs have been in the investment market from time immemorial. Therefore, they are highly familiar and reliable.


Will Bitcoin ETF increase the volumes in Bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin ETF propels a lot of perks towards the original Bitcoin. Although the cryptocurrencies are quite popular, it is yet, not the mainstream investment asset in many portfolios. Even a mere discussion of the Bitcoin ETFs spurs fluctuations and in particular a boyish momentum concerning Bitcoin, which is an indirect indication about the increase in the trading volumes of Bitcoin. The anticipation of the decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission, regarding the approval of Bitcoin BTC ETF, has initiated many activities in the Crypto domain, but many prominent figures don’t seem to be contended with their initiative and consider it to be an interference.


When is the next Bitcoin BTC ETF decision?

On 20th September 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission unveiled that they needed much time to decode the complexities of introducing Bitcoin BTC ETFs and therefore extended the deadline regarding the next Bitcoin ETF decision to 29 December 2018, regarding the VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF. The entire crypto domain has become restless, as the Securities and Exchange Commission keeps postponing the decision. On 7th August 2018, the SEC had decided to postpone the decision regarding the Bitcoin ETFs to 30th September 2018. The Securities and Exchange Commission is quite confused, as Bitcoin is entirely unregulated and all the fraudulent activities underlying it.


What impact does this decision have on Bitcoin Price?

The decision would be quite affirmative concerning the Bitcoin activity, in general. Keeping an increased market liquidity in mind, provided by the Bitcoin ETFs, the cryptocurrency market would undoubtedly gain acceleration. It has been quite a long time since the proposal of Bitcoin ETFs and that itself had spurred chaos among the investors. The proposal of Bitcoin ETFs would trigger the inception of many other fleets of financial vehicles along with it. Therefore, the Crypto market would undoubtedly be expanded like never before. But according to some experts in the crypto domain, the prices of Bitcoin would not be affected as much as it is anticipated.


In a nutshell, there would be some kind of influence of the Bitcoin ETFs in the Crypto domain. They might also initiate a fire among other crypto community, to initiate their respective Exchange Traded Funds.  



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