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Bitcoin ATM Franchise. Everything you need to know about it.


Realizing the ebbs and flows of purchasing a Bitcoin ATM franchise.

Bitcoin Craze

Bitcoin ATM Franchise: A number of ways have been deciphered to obtain Bitcoins, with some of the easiest one being participating in online games and receiving Bitcoins as rewards or through Bitcoin Faucets, and most difficult one being mining them individually. The main intention of the cryptocurrency community is to commercialize Bitcoin as much as possible, as it does not fall under the jurisdiction of any government or Centralized authority.

Availability of Bitcoins and the instantaneous conversions is the need of the day, for it to become as popular as the Fiat currencies. Also, many cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin-related service providers are looking forward to obtaining the Bitcoin ATM franchise due to amounts of profits that can be extracted out of it. The main characteristic feature of Bitcoin ATM is that it has higher transaction fees when compared to the that on any cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin ATM proves to be very handy when one needs to get their Bitcoins converted into other currencies. Bitcoin ATM’s at the commercial centers around some prominent cities around of the world will also lead to awareness among the people who are still not aware of it.

Bitcoin ATM franchise

Bitcoin ATM franchise is a method of obtaining rights from a Bitcoin ATM provider to use their Bitcoin ATM’s along with other services, in order to earn some profits. The functioning of a Bitcoin ATM franchise must adhere to some strict guidelines mentioned in the agreement which is signed by both the franchiser and the franchise while obtaining the franchise. Obtaining a franchise, rather than starting up a new business of our own, is a preferred option, because of the reliability, popularity, and consistency of the franchiser’s services among the people.

Bitcoin ATM franchise providers:

Here is the list of the top Bitcoin ATM Franchise Providers around the world.

1. Aspire Payments

One of the leading hi-tech payment processing, as well as franchise providers, provide Bitcoin ATM franchises across the world. The company even provides assistance in developing business skills if one is not experienced in the field. The organization even doesn’t limit the number of Bitcoin ATM’s that one can purchase from them.

2. Genesis Coin

It is one of the leading Bitcoin ATM providers, with 1172 Bitcoin ATM’s installed all over the world. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are the three cryptocurrencies which are supported, and the ATM’s can undertake two-way transactions between Fiat and cryptocurrencies.

3. General Bytes

The Bitcoin ATM provider is well known to have installed 946 Bitcoin ATM’s around the world. Its small 20kg ATM has the potential to support Fiat currencies of 120 countries around the world. Even this ATM provides a provision for buying and selling Bitcoins simultaneously.

4. Lamassu

With 378 locations around the world, Delhi is one of the cities in India, possessing the country’s first and only Bitcoin ATM provided by Lamassu. A complete two way Fiat withdrawal is possible through these Bitcoin ATM’s. Their ATM’s, earlier didn’t have a provision for the conversion of Bitcoin into Fiat currency but only were used to purchase Bitcoins but now it’s been upgraded for two-way transactions.


The usage of Bitcoin ATM for the transfer of money around the world has been made very simple. The amount of transaction fees that are levied, for the transfer of money from one part of the world to another by a number of Money Transfer service providers, is massive when compared to the Bitcoin ATM’s fees.

The simple and interactive interface is an icing on the cake that the ATM provides. It helps makes even an illiterate to transfer his money in the form of Bitcoins to another part of the world instantly.

The anonymity and privacy provided by the Bitcoin ATM’s are higher when compared to that of Cryptocurrency Exchanges where one might need to register themselves and at the extreme might even need to verify the identity by procedures. Bitcoin ATMs are preferred by the people who give privacy, the first priority.


It is to be kept in mind that the Bitcoin ATM’s would be available for its use only until the business hours, unlike the traditional bank ATM’s which are available 24/7.