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BitBoy Crypto Announces That It Is Working On A Project

On Youtube, it is possible to find individuals who are influential in the crypto industry, either thanks to their educational contributions as well as predictive ones.
That is why the statements of BitBoy Crypto leave thousands of people waiting. And it is that recently, he warned his followers on Twitter that he is planning to do something big that will change the crypto industry.

BitBoy Crypto And Its Popularity In The Industry

Ben Armstrong, also known by his YouTube name as BitBoy crypto, is one of the most relevant influencers in the crypto community. He is recognized for offering cryptocurrency training to investors and enthusiasts, as well as for his controversial tweets.

Currently, it has more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, a community that is part of its franchise, which is available to Hispanic and English- speaking individuals.

As part of the strategies to achieve greater reach, BitBoy Crypto has been involved in some controversies, which has allowed im to increase his followers and has affected part of his credibility. However, it is known that Armstrong has not been engaged in the paid promotion since January of this year. He even used the money to reimburse fans who invested in said promoted projects.

On the other hand, although it is controversial, BitBoy Crypto has positioned itself as a reliable influencer in the community of investors and lovers of cryptocurrencies.