Binance looking to open an office in Beijing after Chinese President endorsed blockchain technology – Binance News

Malta-based Binance is looking to open an office in Beijing city of China. Binance originally started out in china but later moved its operations to Malta because of strict regulatory issues. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping endorsed blockchain technology in his speech as he urged the country to take the lead role in the field.

One of the world’s leading crypto exchange Binance is looking to make a comeback to its origin country China. Binance is currently headquartered in Malta as it moved out of China due to regulatory issues. Coin Desk cited its sources who have knowledge of the matter, saying that Binance is looking to open an office in Beijing.

Earlier, the Chinese President in his speech endorsed blockchain technology as he urged the country to assume the role of leadership in this field. Several from the crypto community linked the Chinese President’s remarks to the sudden pump in the price of the bitcoin.

As of now, Binance has not confirmed anything about opening an office in Beijing. However, CEO of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao tweeted that statements made by Chairman of the Central Bank of China had a positive effect on the blockchain and crypto industry in the country.

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